Agen: the 206th promotion of ENAP supervisor students affected by the virus starts on stage


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After leaving Agen in early November, the student supervisors tested positive while they were on probation in the country’s prisons. Isolation measures have been taken.

On Friday 16 October, the Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti paid tribute to the prison administration, for its efficiency during the imprisonment between March and May. In front of him, for health reasons, less than half of the 206th promotion of ENAP supervisors (National School of Penitentiary Administration) or 280 students out of 700, all destined to strengthen the staff in the homes of arrest and detention centers.

The course includes five weeks in cycle 1 before leaving for an internship in prisons in mainland France. In collaboration with the Regional Health Authority (ARS) since the school was confronted this summer with a mini “cluster”, ENAP has set up a strict health protocol, which also appears in the legislation provided for each student who crosses the threshold of this national school. But 206is the promotion is overtaken by the epidemic: a few days after the arrival of the trainees in prisons on November 5, measures have been taken on the places of the training courses and are drastic.

Fresnes, Fleury-Mérogis …

At the Fresnes Penitentiary Center, 7 of the 45 future supervisors tested positive. All are placed in isolation in “septaine”. In Fleury-Mérogis, a screening of the size of this establishment must be carried out starting Thursday 12 November. Among others, it is aimed at 206 internsis promotion, coming directly from Agen. At the Lorient penitentiary or even in Bordeaux, same case. A positive case from the same origin and removal measures. These trainees are in direct contact with the detainees.

In another Parisian establishment, the management circulated a memo to the attention of interested students. This document specifies “an immediate withdrawal of detentions” (of these trainees), a period until November 18 with the instruction for each of the students to take a Covid test and the obligation to inform the prison administration. For all, the two-week internship was supposed to end on November 19. Student Supervisor Training runs from 05 October to 02 April for 206is promotion, while the arrival of the next one in spring is looming.

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