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After Messer's attack: fear for the mayor of Gdansk

The mayor of Gdansk Adamowicz, who was seriously injured in a knife attack, is still in mortal danger. It was operated for five hours. Many people came to give him some blood. The indictment accuses the suspected attempted murder.

By Jan Pallokat, ARD Studio Warsaw

Mayor Pawel Adamowicz had just moved to Gdansk a few hours before the attack on his life to also collect the "Grand orchestra of the day" donation work; He has published his photos on the internet. At the gala evening for fundraising, the mayor once again evoked the spirit of solidarity that so much hit Gdansk, aroused other streamers when he was stabbed on the stage just at the height of the gala evening.

Now the mayor himself is at the center of spontaneous solidarity. He was operated at night for five hours. Since the first few hours are considered crucial, the hopes of survival will grow.

Already in the morning, the tails were formed in front of the dispensaries for the donated blood. "You have to do what you can, we can pray and give blood, nothing more", said one of the waiting people. Another woman appealed to people to do the same: "Here I feel great solidarity and I think everyone who can donate should come here," he says. "Blood is very important for the mayor, come on if you can."

Against the course of the national conservative government

Adamowicz, recently re-elected, comes from the largest Polish opposition party, PO, from which he resigned. However it is attributed to the liberal field; he is one of the most important local politicians in Poland. Again and again he opposed the course of the national conservative government in Warsaw. That the alleged guilty after the act articulated revenge against the OP could now have an impact on the political climate in the country, which is characterized by strong clashes – but so far only verbal nature.

Spokesperson of the PiS party, Blessed, actually known for her sharp words, said: "Obviously, we should now consider our debate, less aggression and mutual accusations, the greater the possibility that we will become normal and such situations will not happen".

The Deputy Mayor of Gdansk also called for the event not to be massacred politically or ideologically. "I urge you to ban political and daily aggression once and for all," he said. "Violence should not get worse now, I know if the mayor could speak, he would say it right now."

Criticism of private security services

The fundraiser's organizer, Jerzy Owsiak, had in a first indirect emotional reaction the three years of the PiS government together with the person responsible for the crime, but did not repeat the accusations. Owsiak, who has been organizing the "Stop Woodstock" show near the German border for years, could be criticized for his safety concepts.

Many observers have described an undecided and unprofessional approach of private security services deployed, which left the alleged author, even after a certain period of undisturbed time. "Unfortunately, this is a weakness in many concerts in Poland: the poor quality of private security companies," said former police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski. "Police can not be everywhere, and security is first and foremost the responsibility of the organizer, which employs private companies".

Despite sometimes violent verbal conflicts, there have been few cases of violence against politicians in modern Poland. In 2010, a man died in a raid in an office of the national conservative PiS party in Lodz. The perpetrator sentenced to life imprisonment stated that he originally wanted to kill party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

The Tagesschau reported on this topic on January 14, 2019 at 12:00.

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