After announcing Spike in the official XRP sales, Google's Ripple Poaches RCS Expert


Ripple, the San Francisco Tech company is once again making its intent known, roaring the head of Google's RCS, Amir Sarhangi and promoting him as vice president of the product. Ripple Inc is a new cross-border platform that promotes its services to banks and similar institutions while attempting to withdraw multi-trillion shares from SWIFT, a cross-border base characterized by high latency and high costs.

Ripple said Amir Sarhangi's experiences will greatly contribute to strengthening the development, improvement and implementation of RippleNet, a blockchain network through which to adopt banks, payment service providers and companies willing to cut back cost from.

Previously, Amir Sarhangi was directing the Rich Communication System (RCS) of Google, a new messaging system that had been previously mentioned to say that it would have had a "snow balling" effect once enough companies had started to use the messaging system. With RCS, users can enjoy greater wealth in their messaging as they can open group chats, send files and even communicate in instant messaging rivaling those of WhatsApp and Telegram.

Amir joined Google in 2015 following the acquisition of Jibe from Alphabet. Jibe, which is now part of Google, was found in 2005 and specializes in Rich Communication System (RCM), a universal profile that will directly enable the global mobile community to offer RCM services through their flexible tools.

While announcing their acquisition, Google said:

"Jibe is a leading provider of RCS services and will continue to help carriers easily distribute RCS to their users, and we look forward to working with them and taking advantage of the great work they have already done."

Technically, Jibe is a pioneer and pioneer that enables services such as virtual instant messaging, video chat and IP messaging on the traditional mobile network. Although the service is opposing gadget makers such as Apple and Samsung, it is clear that the implementation of the service will be a turning point.

The move from Google is a statement in its own right and demonstrates how Ripple has grown significantly over the years, as the CEOs and space leaders of traditional companies have trusted Ripple's solutions.

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