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The major investment fund Blockchain, NEO Global Capital (NGC) is working with AERGO, an open source blockchain platform for decentralized applications, for strategic collaboration that will help NGC to facilitate innovation in the AERGO ecosystem . NEO Global Capital will not only provide advisory support to AERGO, but will also facilitate collaboration with companies, developers, universities and research laboratories. The collaboration between NGC and AERGO will help AERGO to reach its vision to develop an open platform for distributed services.

AERGO will use NGC's broad portfolio of assets and the worldwide network of developer communities. AERGO aims to help in the adoption of ledger technology distributed to its platform by offering companies new ways to transfer value and data in safety. The platform will allow companies to integrate the prevalent IT systems with Blockchain technology in a transparent way. It aims to flexibly implement distributed applications while maintaining trust, consistent document retention and immutability.

The founding partner of NEO Global Capital, Roger Lim, has developed the partnership:

"As a company, we invest not only in people, businesses or technologies, but we look broadly at the future of financial technology as a whole – we do everything we can to help blockchain projects with a pragmatic approach to expanding their global reach. Our partnership with AERGO will enable us to grow our dApp ecosystem and introduce them to future lighthouse customers, open source developers, technology vendors, system integrators and consumers. "

AERGO is ready to provide Blocko, Korea's leading Blockchain infrastructure provider, with distributed trust solutions. These solutions will enable Blocko to provide services to customers such as Lotte Card, KRX, Shinhan Bank and Samsung.

AERGO president and CEO, Phil Zamani, said:

"By continuing to discover the extent of what blockchain can do for companies, it is increasingly clear that providing companies with ready-made solutions for the company will help advance the entire blockchain ecosystem. implementation of the AERGO case, we look forward to helping companies move to blockchain solutions easily and allowing them to make radical infrastructure changes to their backplanes with minimal switching costs. Incredible reputation in the market for its success in incubating and supporting some of the industry's most innovative startups.We look forward to their guidance and support as we bring our decentralized solutions to the mainstream ".

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