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Additional charges at the level of suspects in the alleged investment fraud in cryptocurrency

The police in the city of Chandigarh, in northern India, filed a complaint against four suspects accused of cheating a victim from $ 6.8 to $ 1.4 million in cryptocurrency investment fraud, a local newspaper in English that the Times of India reports Nov 22. b.

The four defendants are the main suspect, Amit Bhardwaj, his brother, Vivek Bharadwaj, Pankaj Adlakha and Hemant Bhope. According to the Times of India, a previous indictment against two men accused of having "direct links" with A. Bhardwaj had been deposited in the city of Delhi.

At present, the recovery sheet covers over 1,800 pages, with reports from 15 complainants and 27 witnesses. He is responsible for A. Bhardwaj with the management of the alleged encryption company GainBitcoin, an investment scheme with a cloud-based platform for the trading and extraction of Bitcoin (BTC).

His brother, V. Bharadwaj, is accused of being a main "conspirator", who promotes, markets and speaks to events organized around the scheme. Adlakha has been charged with complicity for his role as promoter, and Bhope has been appointed secretary to GainBitcoin and "motivational speaker", after personally reporting that he has assured investors of the security of the program.

The suspects will have to face a December 4 hearing, during which a copy of the court's "challenge" will be provided (document) and the charges will be completed and framed. As the Times of India notes, while the challan appeals the alleged fraud to 6 crore rupees, the complainant claimed to have exceeded the crore of ₹ 10 (about $ 1.4 million), with an HC petition stating that it was worth " crore from $ 40,000 ($ 5.6 billion) ".

As previously reported, the Bhardwaj brothers were arrested on April 4 for allegedly fraudulently fraudulent about 8,000 investors for a total of $ 2 million (about $ 300 million) through the GainBitcoin scheme, which they co-founded in 2013. The platform would be transformed into Ponzi scheme that guaranteed 10% monthly returns within 18 months.

The Times of India reports today that the two brothers were detained in Pune prison because of their previous arrest; The last complainant claimed to have been lured by the promises of the "high yield" investment scheme GainBitcoin in 2016 after the meeting with A. Bhardwaj in Dubai in 2016. When the complainant knew about the arrest In April, the duo in Delhi is said to have filed a complaint with the UT police crime cell at Chandigarh.

Also recently in India, the two founders of the country's first cryptocurrency swap, Unocoin, have been arrested for opening a Bitcoin ATM without proper registration.

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