According to the Quran and science, the moon is always as hot as the sun


human You look up at the night sky the moon reflects the sunlight. But once the moon shines like the sun. This is well known in human research.

According to Nadia Tiarah in the book Science in the Qur’an, the moon was created 4.6 million years ago. At the time of its creation, the moon had a string of victories over Metros and Metroides.

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At that time, the temperature of the moon was so hot that it melted on the surface of the moon, causing the formation of large holes called “Maria” and the formation of high mountains called creters.

The clay is then poured over a large lava and the lava fills large holes. The mountains on the moon went dormant and the lava stopped flowing. Then the moon will die.

The Quran, which was revealed about 14 centuries ago, was revealed to people before they knew the moon once shone and then died. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says in Surat al-Isra verse 12:

We made two signs night and day, then we removed the signs of night and light of day, so that you can ask your Lord for grace, so that you can know how old and their count. “(Surah al-Isra 12)

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This figure demonstrates a scientific fact discovered only in the 20th century by man: the moon was originally a planet of light.

In the book Science in the Qur’an, astronomical studies have shown that the moon is constantly moving away from the earth. According to astronomers, the moon, at an altitude of 300,000 kilometers, lies about 3 cm below the earth’s surface every year.

One day, this movement will bring the moon into an area affected by gravity. This causes the moon to explode on the surface of the sun.

This event is very much in line with the verses of the Qur’an, “The sun and the moon come together”. (QS Al Qiyamah 9)

Jika Walahu Alam Shawab.

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