Acciona Energía uses the blockchain for the global production of renewable energy


The Spanish renewable energy company Acciona Energía, a subsidiary of Acciona, has launched a project to integrate blockchain technology into its global renewable generation projects.

The new project, called Greenchain, will allow Acciona Energía customers to track the electricity supplied, checking in real time and from anywhere that the energy comes from 100% renewable sources.

For the first phase of development, the company has entered into an agreement with FlexiDAO digital energy services software specialist to continue the implementation of Greenchain in appropriate markets, including those that do not have energy certification schemes, such as different countries of Latin America.

The head of innovation at Acciona Energía, Belén Linares, said: "Tracing the renewable energy source is an ever-increasing demand, associated with the growth of the corporate contracts market. green energy, and blockchain technology can greatly facilitate this service to customers anywhere in the world.the world.We are very pleased to take this first step along a path that will surely mark the trend in the coming years ".

FlexiDAO previously worked with Acciona Energía to create a commercial blockchain demonstrator to show the traceability of renewable energy production from five wind and hydroelectric power plants throughout Spain that supply energy to four Portuguese business customers.

The Energy Web Blockchain platform created specifically for the energy sector was used to demonstrate the technology.

FlexiDao CEO and co-founder Simone Accornero added: "We are demonstrating that renewable energy traceability is now a viable proposition that generates real value for the consumer, along with Acciona we want to be the pioneers in showing that this blockchain-based system is commercially viable. valid on a large scale ".

Greenchain will help Acciona Energía and its customers access data easily, while ensuring security and privacy.

With the Storechain project, Acciona Energía used blockchain technology to track energy storage in the batteries of two renewable plants in Spain: the Barásoain wind farm and the Tudela photovoltaic plant.

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