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«Aboul Gheit» in the preparatory meeting of the summit in Beirut: Sad for the absence of Libya

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The Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, expressed his sadness and regret at the lack of participation of the Libyan delegation to the Arab economic, social and development summit held in Lebanon last Sunday, as well as the circumstances that led issues in this regard, expressing confidence in the wisdom of the Lebanese president to contain the repercussions of the crisis. , Libya and Lebanon are countries dear to all Arabs.

This happened in his speech during the opening session of the joint meeting of foreign ministers and ministers interested in the Economic and Social Council which prepared the fourth session of the Arab Development Summit: economic and social.

"I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the Lebanese Republic for taking over the presidency of the fourth session of the summit on Arab economic and social development, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation for warm welcome and warm hospitality, and I would also like to to pay tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for taking over the presidency of the previous summit session, and the wise management of its work.

Mister President:
The summit comes at a crucial moment when the question of development, with its economic, social, cultural and other dimensions, is the main concern of Arab countries, peoples and governments, while the summit is held at six years from the Arab summit in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Today our meeting examines the issues presented to Arab leaders in their conference tomorrow, in this regard I would like to refer to several short points:
First: the enormous challenges facing the Arab region in terms of development require all of us to crystallize new visions and develop innovative ideas that do not only concern the present and its concerns, but also focus on the future and its rapid developments. in technology, science, economics and production. The change in production rates and the generation of wealth transforms us radically into a real revolution called by some as the fourth industrial revolution .. Addressing these changing situations and rapid transformations represents a real challenge for the Arab region, which must face it and prepare for Agencies.

Second: every Arab country can not face these enormous economic and practical developments in isolation … Economic integration, policy coordination in various aspects of development and various productive activities have become a necessity and not a luxury. Important topics related to the integration and coordination of development policies between the countries of the Arab world in various aspects of life and of economic and social activity .. including initiatives and strategies in the fields of food safety, 39, energy and the eradication of poverty and the protection of women on other topics. Everyone deserves to do and Less space to study and think about implementation in the field.
Third: the aspirations of the Arab peoples towards a better future, with wider opportunities and faster development rates that are reflected in human beings and their standard of living, require us all to act responsibly so that this summit on development and the resulting decisions are a qualitative step on the path of Arab development. Arab citizen and respond to his ambitions.

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