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Original title: A-share Guolian Securities included in the FTSE Russell Flagship Index

On November 21, Beijing time, international index builder FTSE Russell announced the results of the November 2020 quarterly review of the flagship index. The announcement shows that its FTSE Global Stock Index series (hereafter referred to as “FTSE GEIS”) hasn’t changed much this time around. A shares have only recently been included in Guolian Securities, in addition to some previously included A share objectives. Classification adjustments have been made due to changes in market value. The adjustment will take effect after the market closes on 18 December.

Under the previous plan, this time FTSE Russell made only routine technical adjustments to the stocks that make up the index and did not involve any changes in the A-share inclusion factors.

The listing shows that large cap stocks have recently been included in the five Chinese companies of Simer International (Hong Kong stocks), Tigermed Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong stocks), Ideal Motors (US stocks), Kingsoft Cloud (US stocks) and Dada Group (US equities). Haipurui (Hong Kong shares) and Guolian Securities (A shares) two Chinese companies, three Chinese companies including Kangfang Bio-B (Hong Kong shares) were added to the small cap shares, and 11 Chinese companies were added to the shares with micro-capitalization. Excluding individual stocks, Chinese companies are not involved.

At the same time, FTSE Russell also announced a list of adjustments for the investment space, including three A shares of Midea Group, Han’s Laser and Sophia. These three shares have been reduced due to the compression of the foreign investment space. Weights. It is understood that due to the limitation of the minimum foreign investment space for indexed companies when compiling the index, if the foreign holdings of some individual stocks are high, the weight of the stock will be adjusted; if the upper limit of foreign holdings is reached, the target will be removed. Excluded from the indexing system.

It should be noted that this announcement is only a preliminary list. FTSE Russell will make small adjustments to the above list based on market conditions. Final inclusion in the list will be determined prior to the effective date of the index. The results of the November half-yearly adjustment of the other major international index builder MSCI will also take effect after the close of business on November 30, 2020.


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