A-Nex launches the first token offering (ICO) to show non-shatter-free encryption technology for Internet Security


BERKELEY, California – (FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) – A-Nex, a cybernetic money company, announces the initial offer of coins (ICO)
today. This innovative cryptographic enterprise is designed for sale and
exchange of virtual currencies, smart contracts and tokens. Non-US
crypto-enthusiasts, especially the community in Korea, will be able to do so
immediately start their transactions. Those who wish to participate will do it
be able to invest in new digital progress that should grow
and to provide numerous advantages for the crypto economy. Promises to
revolutionize the decentralized financial landscape.

The company that supplies its technology, Cyber ​​Advanced Technology (CAT),
is one of the leaders of the digital scene. They invented one
foolproof cloud technology that will keep the criptobusiness secure and secure
well protected. The investor's money will be safe.

The key substance of infallible cloud technology lies in the
introduction of the operating network of centric networks
(OT-OCNTM). This eliminates all defects and shortcomings of
the current Internet in standard blockchain which is unalterable,
decentralized and traceable by the users involved in the transactions.

A-Nex is a victory for the community and the future of crypto-enthusiasts
investors because the platform meets the needs of the modern market
who ardently desires decentralized solutions.

Network security information

Digitization of the economy has led to problems such as hacking
and cyber-crime. This has spread to every area of ​​the Web from
social networks like Facebook and Linkedin, e-commerce platforms
like eBay or Amazon and to mobile companies like Apple.

Traditional financial institutions like banking platforms have suffered
also. Even state policies were created exclusively for
deal with hackers and the data market that exploit the
weaknesses of online ecosystems.

Likewise, the translation of traditional economic systems
in the digital sphere not only has created a list of advantages for
company globally, but also has led to many, new obstacles such as
well. Since there was no backup of a physical and verifiable good of
the fiduciary currency in the same way that it was commonly done, the
the difficulties related to payments bring out the skepticism towards
virtual businesses.

As an answer, since 2008, the increase in popularity regarding the
blockchain and representation of funds in liquid tokens
(crypto-currencies) meant a significant improvement in this situation,
as an alternative to centralized financial methods; instead
now they were the users who had control.

The distributed protocols of the public ledger distribute and support the
transaction data in nodes scattered on the network. More recently, the
The intelligent contract technology brought by Ethereum has made this possible
financial conditions and commercial agreements between the parties can be digitized
arranged and automatically executed. However, this system has continued to
run on an imperfect architecture, so part of the investment capital e
experts have questioned whether the blockchain represents a valid one
alternative or not. It was necessary for the introduction of a chain
tool that has provided its users with solid security guarantees.

An inside look at the CAT solution

With over 15 years of research and development, OT-OCN emerges as
the first intelligent and indecipherable cloud software framework that
provides a higher level of network security and stability. The
The infrastructure manages more than 1 million packet inspections per second
and analyzes over 2000 rules, while disabling malicious attacks
in real time without interrupting user operations.

After the success in South Korea, CAT has become an important reference point
for the blockchain industry and, more specifically, for the encrypted finances.

This month, from 1 – 3 November 2018, Busan Money Show in the South
Korea, select top, world-class hackers collected from different countries
for a hacking competition to see if they could penetrate and defeat the
CAT technology and security system. The competitors have included GON, twice
gold medal team of hacking Korean by international hacking
competitions and other 3 nations respected internationally and
well-known hacking teams.

The competition started early in the morning. As announced, all 4
teams of hackers broke into the "control system" with a conventional firewall
security in less than 10 minutes.

Subsequently, they tried all day until 17:00 to enter CAT security
infrastructure. They used all the possible knowledge of existing hacking,
and none of them was able to scratch the CAT security system.
They could not even pass the first phase of the "reconnaissance" hacking of
security CAT.

The CAT technology and the security system proved to be unassailable. This was
the positive and consistent result that CAT has achieved in the last 3 years
in international hacking events.

Furthermore, several countries are interested in using CAT
cryptocurrency technology. Aspiring to be a global company, it is
receive welcome replies from the main operations in different

Professor Park of Korea Poly Tech University, expert in computer security in
Korea believes that "Bruce Khavar, founder and CEO of CAT, both as the
Christopher Columbus of the cybernetic world. "

To learn more about A-Nex, or if you are interested in investing with
A-Nex, please visit our website at www.a-nex.io.

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