A new survey has been published on the ICO market and blockchain


The Dipstick study states that the market remains confident, that investors use "standard care" or proceed with "extreme caution" with the flow of encryption. The most respected factors of influence and market advisers were classified

HONG KONG is TORONTO, 6 November 2018 / PRNewswire / – Al Leong, MBA, Daniel Araya, Ph.D. and TGE Marketing publish the results of a recent study conducted in October 2018 to analyze investor and market sentiment by CEOs.

Despite the current anecdotal evidence suggesting a slowdown in the market related to the decline in Bitcoin prices, the results are surprisingly positive. The majority of respondents, 36% are neutral to ICOs and 42% are confident (19% very confident and 23% a bit confident) compared to 23% unsafe (9% a little bit) # 39; not sure and 14% not at all safe).

This survey confirms fraudsters, lack of regulation and lack of governance are critical challenges to the ICO industry.

The financial services sector (basic services such as loans and interest) is valued for more opportunities within the blockchain space, followed by health and life sciences, cyber security, advanced financial services (derivatives and structured products) and education.

Among the 10 best respected ICO consultants and influencers Vitalik Buterin, Mark Andreesen, Charles Lee, Michael Terpin, Andreas Antonopoulos, Brock Pierce, Mike Novogratz, Bobby Lee, Scott Walker is Hal Finney.

Men are more conservative than women with regard to investments in ICOs. 51% of respondents agreed Mike Novogratz & # 39; s affirmation that the market has hit the bottom.

The sample size of the survey was of 319 respondents distributed by the United States of America, UK, Hong Kong, South Korea and the rest of the world, providing a 95% confidence interval with a margin of error of 5.485%.

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