A new mobile operator arrives in the country


The company hoping to become the fourth mobile operator in Colombia was introduced in the company. The English company Wom, announces that it will invest a trillion dollars over the next five years.

Connecting what is not connected, generating competition in the market and lowering the prices of cell phone plans is the aim of the new cell phone company.

During your presentation, Chris Bannister, CEO of Wom in Colombia, has announced the investment of one billion dollars over the next five years to consolidate its presence in the national territory, with which it is hoped to install more than 8,000 antennas, establish one of the industry’s most robust coverage networks and bring connectivity to for the first time 675 locations in rural areas of the country.

A woman with a presence in Iceland, Poland and Chile says it will generate 2,500 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs.

According to Bannister, Colombia currently has the highest average price per concert in the region.


“The mobile telephony sector in Colombia is static, the concentration of the mobile telephony market has delayed key investments for the country’s development. Colombia has one of the highest UK prices in the region. The country needs a fourth operator to promote change and improve access to connectivity for all Colombians “, said the CEO of the company.


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