A man who complained of not being able to breathe normally had, in fact, a coin in his nose for 53 years.

Unable to breathe normally for several months, a 59-year-old Russian man caused a big surprise to doctors at a Moscow hospital, who discovered a small object in his right nostril that had been stuck there for more than six months. century: a coin that had already “fossilized”.

If some keep the money under the mattress, others in the bank, well, this man had his safe elsewhere, internet users joked after the story was made public.

The man, who had been unable to breathe normally for several months, decided to go to the hospital. The otolaryngologists examined him, did all sorts of tests and eventually discovered to their surprise that the patient had “a foreign body, dense and round” in his nasal cavity, in his right nostril. The object looked as if it had “fossilized” on the back of the nose.

coin in nas
A kopeck coin that a Russian wore on his nose for 53 years Photo: Twitter captures Moskvskii Komsomolets

Asked if he had any idea how the coin could reach his nose, the man remembered that he himself had put in a penny of a kopeck. He was little, he was 6 and he got him out of the game. But he was afraid to tell his mother, who was quite a servant, so he kept quiet and eventually forgot about this story.

Over the years, however, a hard-density conglomerate has formed around the coin, a rhinolith (nasal stone), explained one of the doctors who treated it. The rhinolitis continued to grow until it blocked his nostrils and effectively cut off his access to oxygen.

Operated for an hour and a half, the man emerged without consequences from this adventure that began in childhood, with a new nasal septum, perfectly restored. Happy to have resumed normal breathing, the man did not follow the doctors’ recommendations and removed the cotton wool gauze from his nostril, which was necessary to strengthen the structure of his new nose. “This is because his mother no longer argues with him!”, Concluded one of the doctors who operated on her amused.

Publisher: Luana Pavaluca


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