A Lebanese journalist launches a movement against Israeli normalization in the Arab world and a message to Israel



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The Lebanese journalist, Sana Kajak, announced the start of a political trend against normalization with Israel, noting that this project is based on the resistance of the Arab media to address the normalization policy adopted by Tel Aviv with the Arab countries in the region of Middle East.

Kajk posted his ad on his personal social media page on Twitter, in which he said, “Today I present the movement as a gift, which young Arab men and women have insisted on being called the ‘Kajki Movement’.

And a personal letter was sent to the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, saying: “I know he won’t like my gift, but he has to accept it !!

In his message, Kajk indicated that “the idea of ​​the movement was agreed upon by free young men and women of the Arab world, and they contacted me to propose their idea, and I welcomed it very favorably”.

He added: “The moment of the birth of the movement in this period where we are witnessing the normalization process is the most appropriate time. It was suggested that there was a representative of the movement in several Arab countries who would follow my articles and adopt all my ideas and my approach in confronting the Israeli media “.

Kajk identified the objectives of the announced movement, saying, “The goal of the Kajki movement is to spread anti-normalization ideas against the enemy, whether it be my articles or articles by others by honest Arab writers and martyrs of the word. who were murdered by the Israeli enemy, such as the martyr “Naji Al-Ali” and “Ghassan Kanafani”. Our mission is also to warn against the fall. The trap of working with the enemy and failing their plans to brainwashing Arab youth. “

He concluded by saying that the symbol of the current is the red rose, the symbol of love that binds us all from all over the Arab world.

In her message, Kajk thanked all the Arab media professionals who supported her and contributed with her to the project that extends from Lebanon through Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Palestine to Palestine.

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