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A ghost goes through the room of the hemicycle …

… fill with cold and fear the forces that have made a strange alliance to betray and harass him: the ghost of Chavez.

Maduro's speech in the installation of his new proclaimed new presidential mandate, on January 10, was full of inconsistency and lies, omissions, promises and high-sounding phrases in search of an authority he did not have, but he also left to understand a profound contradiction: he can not justify his betrayal of the inheritance of President Chávez; and, even more serious, the open and shameless violation of our Constitution and laws.

This contradiction, one glimpses in the absence of balance and calm that should characterize a head of state or, at least, someone who acts in a good way, acts with the desperation of Iscariot. In any case, it does not cease to surprise and worry about the absurd obsession and hatred towards what he calls "red rojito", against my person as a representative of Chavista Chavista.

He did not waste a moment of his litany on the national chain, including burps, to throw all sorts of offenses and threats against me, in what has already been his repeated attitude in every public intervention that puts him in front of the reality of his failure: this is what he did in his last message to the country, exactly a year ago; in the announcement of his paquetazo last August 17th; in the sterile Congress of the PSUV, in the funeral of Alí Rodríguez and now, on this occasion.

It is a dangerous behavior, taking into account that it comes from a person who has not shown scruples when abusing the power conferred by his status as president and creator of a structure that manages the judiciary and state police power.

So, I can not go back to the country: I am a persecuted politician of Maduro, who invites me to "surrender" (which shows that they have already condemned me), so that he can unload all his hatred and frustration, as he did with Nelson Martinez, Eulogio Delpino, Rodriguez Torres, Baduel and many hundreds of prisoners and kidnapped by his government.

I will continue to denounce and alert the country, reorganizing the Chavista Chavista option, addressing the people and the Bolivarian Armed Forces, who are still in time to line up with the Constitution and the country.

From his "message to the nation", the only clear thing to all is that with Maduro there is no future. Your government is unrealizable. Their promises lack credibility, they are the same as always, repeated again and again. But now he does them in a desperate tone, with water in his neck, in front of a destroyed country.

As promised to increase oil production to 5 million barrels per day by 2025, if on the contrary, during its disastrous management in PDVSA, in just 4 years, oil production has lost two million barrels a day, until at only 1.1 million barrels a day?

Despite their excuses and lies: that if the "corruption", that if the "conspiracy", that if the PDVSA "red-red", etc., the whole country and the workers, we know that they were their nefarious decisions, the inability of their equipment, internal persecution, which brought the company down.

Now it supplies oil and gas illegally. Maduro knows that he is violating the Constitution in his articles 303 and 302, in addition to the Organic Law of Hydrocarbons.

Both know that the Supreme Court has issued sentence 156, March 28, 2017, so that oil contracts pass directly from the PDVSA to the TSJ to approve them, violating all the mechanisms established in the Law on organic hydrocarbons to give the green light to those contracts which are of public interest.

So aware is Maduro of the violation of the Constitution and of the Law, which on April 12, 2018 issued the decree 3,368, where he authorized Quevedo to take "all measures deemed necessary" and to approve the contracts in accordance with the "practice" of companies, in any form, to "increase oil production".

Therefore, the delivery of the best fields, once managed by PDVSA, to the 14 "companies" constituted by their environment, has been completed for this purpose. They delivered the gas to the European and Russian companies while instructing their officials to ask people to cook the wood. He delivered the best PDVSA areas in the Orinoco Belt to the Russian and Chinese companies. In every journey made by Maduro, it gives more areas to international companies.

And now, it gives the Campos Rosa Mediano and Tía Juana to "EREPLA", a company established in a tax haven, Delaware, USA, last November, together with the Nigerian capital, for, in flagrant violation of the provisions of our Organic Hydrocarbons Law and of our Constitution, "authorized" contracts are signed by foreign organizations rather than Venezuelan ones.

The agreement places in the hands of the new company, not only the operation of our fields and the marketing of oil, activities reserved by law to the PDVSA, but, to manage oil revenues in "banks authorized by international agencies" , these activities that, according to our law, are the exclusive responsibility of the PDVSA and the BCV.

They should know these individuals that all these contracts are devoid of origin, so they have no legal effect, either after or after. That is, when the Constitution and the rule of law are restored, all areas, operations and resources will be recovered by the Venezuelan state, of course, on the condition that we have a patriotic government.

Now, Maduro says in amazement, that "he will lead the PDVSA leadership!", As if he had not had control over the decisions, direction and operation of the company from 2014 until his collapse, he warns, as if his presence was a guarantee that something could be changed. Please!

The only ones who do not want to see this disaster are those who, being able to do something in defense of our resources, applaud and validate this damage to the sovereignty of the country and to the heritage of all Venezuelans.

Madurism acts like Juan Vicente Gómez: it favors contracts and the delivery of oil, to transnationals, to friends and relatives; while on the other side he keeps the people and workers around his neck, submerging them to backwardness, doing what they want in their "hacienda".

Maduro announces another "shake-up", similar to that of August 2014, designed to assault and take control of PDVSA. If at that moment Maduro "shook" the chavismo of the oil industry, dismantling what was our flower at the edge of the economy and sovereignty, PDVSA; now it "shakes" the presence of the State in the rest of the non-oil economy, but has also said that it will "do the hand of the private sector", but obviously refers to the societies of their related and transnational companies.

That is to say, Maduro announces without redness, which is about to privatize the state enterprises, the heritage of the whole country, which, according to him, are "dens of corruption and inefficiency"; and therefore, it will be delivered to foreign private capital which, by simple deduction, is therefore clean, transparent and efficient.

… feels the passage of a powerful presence, which observes and freezes the hearts of those present and transforms laughter into a grimace, that knows how to plunge into the homeland and look from the other side …

The incredible thing is that Maduro avoids saying that he and his group of power control all the societies of the state, where he has placed his unconditional, no matter how incapable they are, in front of all the societies and institutions of the same, from relatives in all degrees of affinity and consanguinity, up to his friends, nominees, political workers, partners, opportunists and the full range of what people recognize as mature people.

In his "announcement", unthinkable only a few years ago, he raises his voice to say that "I am obstinate of the mafias who steal, wear red red (and hit him with the obsession) to steal, I am obstinate of his indolence. "A character tells him, which sums up in himself, the indolence of his government, which turned to the Venezuelan state, its institutions and its businesses in its" kicker ", its activity, where they do and they undo all kinds of business, deception, corruption and the most immoral things in our republican history.

But let's talk a bit about the demons of the most rapacious, predatory and backward capitalism unleashed by the government:

Maduro returns to "raise" the minimum wage, he has done 26 times in his government, but today the minimum wage in the country is only $ 6 per month (parallel) and $ 19 per month (parallel Dicom). However, look, we are under $ 1.9 a day set by the UN, as the threshold of extreme poverty in the world.

The minimum wage in the country is the lowest continent, even lower than in Cuba (a blocked country) and in Haiti, a country hit by terrible calamities.

The devaluation of our currency, even taking away the five zeros and starting from the farce of the "petro", was 300% from the announcement of his paquetazo.

Now there are no bolivars in the market, everything is exchanged in dollars and the government allows it, for the simple reason that, with this devaluation induced and authorized by the government itself, they have practically evaporated savings, social benefits, debts, pensions, insurance trusts, wages and benefits that the state has with workers in the public sector, but also, has done the favor to the private sector, to make the real value of its commitments to workers disappear.

The great loser of all this paquetazo was the employee, the worker, the humble people that Maduro says to protect.

The "induced" inflation, if, by the government itself, has reached such an absurd figure that it has no precedents in the history of the world economy: 1.700.000% and a projection of 27.000.000% for the next year , which means that we are in the law of the jungle. Here there is no government that protects the citizen or the economy.

Maduro continues to print inorganic money, without support, in his futile desire to give more "bonuses" to the monopoly, in the "glove of the shadow" he does against himself. We all knew that his promise to end this harmful practice was a lie.

The raw manipulation of the Gini coefficient, daring to say that we are the "most egalitarian country in the world", is a lack of respect for our intelligence and common sense.

What data and works show, like the ENCOVI survey, which is being developed in our national universities in this regard, indicates that the coefficient of Gini in 2017 was 0.68, which indicates not only that during this period of government, our country is become the most unjust and unequal on the continent, but the reality is that Maduro has dragged the great majority into poverty, with 92% of the population having an income below the extreme poverty line. Today our society is much more unfair and unjust than ever in our history.

Apparently, Maduro did not realize that he had been in charge of the government for six years and was responsible for this disaster, the worst president of our history. But, ruling in the name of Chavez and socialism, it also makes him responsible for causing a profound political damage to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Madurism in its euphoria and disconnection with people, with reality, did not notice in its indolence, that, as it wrote that giant of letters, Jorge Luis Borges: his "boss" has long been "a walking dead "" Madurism has run out of time and the Venezuelan people are fed up with them and their government disaster.

Such is the rejection and frustration that Maduro generates in the country, that we now run the risk of something happening, whatever it may be, provided that Maduro leaves power. Anything can happen, every adventure of the right, a coup, a social explosion, a bloody event, a foreign invasion, fascism, violence, war.

Now, in this difficult situation, in which the patriots, the Chavistas and the whole people, we must unite our voice with the general outcry for Maduro to leave power, step aside, to restore the Bolivarian Constitution.

We are not naive, we will not do it voluntarily, that's why we have to call a great popular mobilization, so that this happens.

But we are not naive in the other sense, we will not play the game in the far-right adventure, to those who cry out and are preparing the conditions for aggression or foreign intervention or a restoration of the IV Republic.

There's the real danger of jumping into the void. People are tired, but none of the groups that repeal the rights to conduct our destinies, have the legitimacy to do so, the game is blocked, the scenario of annihilation of the opposite, is activated.

The only one who has the legitimacy to take power is the people, the sovereignty resides in the people, understood as the seat of the political leadership of the country, of the institutionality of the state.

There is a huge giant asleep, he is there, waiting, taking this tragedy every day. It is a giant of a huge force, it is the hurricane, it is the only legitimate one, it is the city. Our people, patriotic, humble, good, hardened.

Chavismo chavismo, like a historical bloc, a social politician, can no longer contain the giant, holding back the transforming forces of the people: either comes into play to direct and challenge power or disappear from the political map of the country, swallowed up by madurismo or swept by the violence of the right.

The Bolivarian national armed forces have the great responsibility of restoring the constitutional thread, just as it did with the people on April 13, 2002, in the clearest and most genuine expression of the strength of the civil-military union.

But beyond the Chavista Chavez and the Bolivarian national armed forces, I also speak with the opposition, and with that overwhelming majority of Venezuelans, inside and outside the country, who find no way out of this situation in the world. policy area.

It is time to put aside the petty group interests, the small ambition, the feeling of hatred and revenge, to move forward in restoring our constitutional, institutional framework, social achievements, economic sovereignty and our country's leadership.

It is time for the patriots and the Bolivarians to expose the country and the world, our ideas, our proposals and the determined and firm determination to guide the destiny of the country, to rebuild it for the benefit of the people of Venezuela. We have the strength to do it, together we are invincible!

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