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A first in the world! Plant in the desert and become fuel for airplanes

Etihad, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, conducted the first commercial flight of biofuels with aircraft fuel from salt-pans and coastal plants.

The fuel produced from a salty wet plant belonging to the Sirkengiller family was grown on a two-hectare farm in Masdar. This farm is also the first desert ecosystem designed to produce fuel and saltwater fattening.

With the concept called SEAS, seawater from the ocean has been moved to a pond where fish and shrimp can be grown and grown. The remaining waste water rich in nutritional value was used for irrigation of saline halophyte plants (salt plants) and therefore the production of bioenergy including biofuels was carried out. Circulation was carried out by feeding the marshy area with water flowing through the halophyte fields.

With the Boeing 787 aircraft, the expedition between the capital Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam, as an environmental alternative to fossil fuels, will also contribute to reducing carbon emissions if it becomes widespread because it can be used with conventional fuels.

The aircraft, powered by General Electric's 1B engine, left for 7 hours after taking off from Abu Dhabi and successfully landed in Amsterdam.

The biofuels produced in a special way were produced by the SBRC (Consortium for Research on Sustainable Biofuels) non-profit from the Masdar Institute, affiliated to the Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

Biofuels approved commercial flights in 2011, but they are not yet widespread. Sean Schwinn, a senior executive at Boeing, says it could be an invention that could change the aviation industry.

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