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A court in Malaga opens proceedings in the Julen case Spain

The Julen case is already in the hands of justice. The Court of Education n. 9 of Malaga has opened proceedings to know the exact circumstances in which Julen fell on Sunday 13 January in a well on a family farm on the outskirts of Totalán. According to sources explained by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), he did so from a report made by the Guardia Civil after taking a statement from the parents of the minor, the owner of the land and the person who executed the well in the middle of the month of December.

During the hours following the incident, the agents of the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) reconstructed the events that occurred through the statement by José Roselló and Victoria García, parents of the child, as well as testimonies from witnesses present there, such as the owner of the farm, a relative of a relative of José. Also from the person who executed the well in mid-December, Antonio Sánchez, head of Triben Perforaciones. Sánchez denied the Guardia Civil that he had discovered the prospect. "I covered it." They modified and reduced the ground, "he told EL PAÍS, as well as explaining that when he visited the place after the accident he discovered that the earth's movements had taken place after his work.

The survey – about 110 meters deep and about 25 centimeters wide – is located in Cerro de la Corona, in the municipality of Totalán. Permits were lacking, as confirmed last week by sources from the Junta de Andalucía, which pointed out that in the area of ​​the mines of the regional administration there is no prospecting, which was undertaken in search of groundwater. Fernando Ferragut, head of the subdirectory for the management of hydraulic domains and water quality, also explained that the Ministry of the Environment has no proof of authorization for a survey in that specific area. Nor is there permission from the city of Totalán. Ferragut said that in prospects like this it is required that the sound be sealed "with a box" or with any system that allows it to be completely closed. Several companies that are engaged in the implementation of this type of survey in the province of Malaga explain that the usual practice, when a prospecting does not locate water, must be sealed with stones, even if there are customers who ask that you do not expect a possible outbreak following

Julen's father, José Roselló, also explained to the media that on Sunday 13 January they were making a paella on the scene. That he took care of the rice and that, at a given moment, the little boy ran off around the place until he accidentally fell through the narrow hole. He said he heard him cry for a few moments and tried to get him out without knowing the depth of the well. A few moments later, with the help of a couple of pedestrians, they called the 112 emergency service for help. It was 13.57, when the rescue operation was launched, which is still trying to reach the point where Julen is thought to be, about 72 meters deep.

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