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9 Turkish prisoners imprisoned in England

In London, the capital of England on 5 May 2018 at 5:00 local time, in the event of an accident between the person and another person, Ardıç turned into a debate. Ardıç also called his friends, attacked the person who saw the event.

At that moment, the road accident to intervene in the fight further expanded. Hüseyin Önel, 24, was attacked by security cameras in the Hackney district.

It was also claimed that Turkish attackers launched homophobic curses around.

After the accident, the suspects fled to three different vehicles.

In a statement issued by the London police, the bottle of Hussein Önel in, sprayed in the face of the bottle sprayed in the face of the country's people and Turkish citizens involved in the gang, he said.

Hüseyin Önel was sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years, Öner Ardıç for 17 years and Mehmet Tekağaç for 17 years.

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Güven Ulaş, Mustafa Kızıltan, Serkan Kızıltan, Turgut Adakan, Yaşam Erdoğan and Ümit Carefree were sentenced to prison terms from 18 to 30 months.


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