8 Circuit Studios unveils Project Genesis, a deep space survival game based on blockchain


8 Circuit Studios unveiled its first game, Project Genesis, a deep space survival game based on the Ethereum blockchain.

8 Circuit Studios is an ambitious company that hopes to use blockchain, cryptocurrency and other collaboration tools to build the Metaverse, the digital universe imagined in the novels of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and presented in the films Ready Player One TRON and The Matrix . [19659002] 8 Circuit Studios (from the name of a theory on the human nervous system) in Seattle has a lot of game veterans, and hopes to develop a new ecosystem in which all participants – players, developers and publishers – can collaborate and work together for

Combining an intense first-person game with first-person shooter and space combat, Project Genesis has players who pilot huge space-destroying machines and infiltrate their enemies' ships in search of galactic domination. Project Genesis is set in a persistent universe that is part of the growing ecosystem of 8 Circuit Studios based on the Metaverse concept – a series of interconnected virtual worlds and boundless experiences.

Above: Project Genesis presents space and combat FPS. [19659006] Image Credit: 8 Circuit

"Project Genesis will be perfect for players looking for an experience that combines intense first-person shooters with third-person white-breasted space combat," said Terry Hammer, producer of 8 Circuit Studios, in a statement. "It will be much more than a space shooter, we are going to push the whole experience by integrating the Ethereum blockchain – allowing players to bring digital resources that they earn and acquire, like ships and weapons, in other games."

In Project Genesis, players inhabit an artificial intelligence that learns that they must choose between self-sacrifice to save the last vestiges of the human race, or opt for self-determination to embark on their own destiny. This AI conservation quest puts players in the stars to pilot space cruisers and engage in furious combat that allows them to destroy their enemies using advanced technologies, fortify their ships from damage and embark on enemy ships.

Above: Project Genesis allows ascents on other ships.

Image Credit: 8 Circuit

Once the vessel lands on the enemy ship, players enter a first-person perspective as they infiltrate and uproot enemy forces from within. ;external. Destroying the control points and freeing the ship gives control of the enemy ship. Capturing ships and completing missions generates winnings for the winner, which take the form of XP, weapons, ammo and game credits.

On October 1, the company will launch a digital token sale of 8BT tokens, the currency that will power the 8 Digital Studios' Digital Multiverse.

The company is also building Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain.

8 Circuit believes that you can exploit the power of blockchain – which are immutable registers that are transparent and secure – and cryptocurrency, game developers will be able to create the first step towards a functional metaverse. Blockchains can provide truth and application for digital objects – an idea shared by Philip Rosedale, who is incorporating blockchain into its high-fidelity open source virtual reality platform.

With blockchain, players should never ask permission from a central authority to give, exchange or sell their digital assets. 8 Circuit Studios will use Ethereum's cryptocurrency to create, assign and safeguard digital resources – based on Smart Game Objects – that you can own and store, along with your cryptocurrency, in a virtual wallet.

8 Circuit Studios wants to build the foundation to eliminate the barriers between the game worlds, while creating a platform to facilitate entry for both players and developers. Players will experience the opportunity to truly own their own things, while game developers and publishers will find new and profitable ways to develop even more highly engaging games.

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