6 Cryptocurrency Coin Masternodes For installation in 2018 for potential profits

  6 Cryptocurrency Coin Masternodes For Installation in 2018 for Potential Profits

There are many ways to make money with Crypto. the more likely you are to make a profit, however there is the likelihood of significant losses in the cryptography world: one of the safe options in the encrypted world is to invest in masternodes, the following digital coins support the masternodes. [19659003] Top 6 Crypto Coin Masternodes For the installation in 2018

They were classified according to the value of each masternode at the time of the creation of this article.

6. ION

ION is one of the most promising altcoins today It is slowly making a name among masternode investors, even though its market capitalization is still relatively small, its masternodes offer an exceptional ROI of 26.78%. current price, the value of each masternode is $ 15,486.33. nodes to vailable.

5. Blocknet

If you've been an enthusiast encrypted for a while, you have to remember when Blocknet came out. The project shows many updated potentials. The owners of the masternode see the ROI of 16.33% each year. Currently, each masternode is worth $ 27.270. This seems to be one of the lucrative masternodes that have been around over the years. The coin currently has 448 masternodes in operation.

4. Diamond

The Diamond altcoin may have lost some of its popularity in recent months. However, the masternode community is still quite active. There are 115 masternodes in function for the currency. Each coin masternode is valued at $ 27.280. It has an annual ROI of 26.49%. There is still quite a lot of money to be made from this altcoin. However, you need a certain finesse when you download coins so as not to crush the market.

3. LuxCoin

Many people, even in the cryptic community, may not have heard of LuxCoin. However, fans of masternodes know that this is a great opportunity and have already invested in it. Offers an incredible annual ROI of 68.45%. Even in the masternode community, this is extraordinary. It is particularly true considering that each masternode is valued at $ 32.659.7. However, it is worth noting that there are only 49 nodes in operation. This makes it the most suitable for large risk users who want to cash in on large.

2. Gold Poker

Of all the masternodes listed here, Gold Poker is perhaps the strangest. The setting of this masternode is forbidden or difficult since there are only seven masternodes. Another strange feature is that it has a good ROI of 663.45%. However, it is worth noting that these percentages are subject to change. A masternode is valued at $ 64.559.4, which is quite expensive, assuming that it would also be possible to set the masternode.

1. Dash

DASH is the undisputed king of the masternodes. It is the first large cryptographic coin to use masternodes. It has an annual ROI of 11.2%. This may not seem as high as the others, but since each masternode is worth $ 143.420, the 11.2% does not seem too bad. Dash has 3191 active masternodes, which makes the masternode more profitable for early investors.

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