6 best online courses Blockchain for training and certification 2018


The blockchain revolution is in full swing. This is the main technology of this era because of its disruptive potential, especially in financial institutions.

Of course, many technology enthusiasts and anyone else on the subject would like to participate in the action. This is because the distributed ledger technology represents the future. There are a myriad of ways to learn, but the cheaper channel is Blockchain online courses.

Some of these courses can take a dedicated person from a blockchain beginner to a developer within a few weeks. This is because they are packed and instructed by expert innovators and experts whose intuitions are unparalleled.

Let us examine a general overview of six of these courses:

1- Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Training

  Blockchain Certification Training

This course is perfect for developers eager to decipher the global craze surrounding the Blockchain. Students learn to understand the basic structure and technical bases of Bitcoin, Hyperledger and other multi-chain platforms.

The course offers 9 practical projects related to Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin and over 50 practical exercises with Blockchain. In addition, there is a seven day money back guarantee if you do not feel satisfied with the course.

You can use up-to-date experience to create blockchain applications, create a private blockchain, and even design smart contracts that are specialized for real-world uses.

Who is the ideal goal for this course? Currently, Simplilearn's training is perfect for the following:

  • Developers in general.
  • Technology architects interested in expanding their blockchain, Ethereum and ERC 20 dApps capabilities and ICO projects.
  • Curious professionals on the business application of blockchain technology.
  • Entrepreneurs in technology fond of blockchain-based business ideas.

Course participants are best served when they have the following:

  1. Fundamentals in Blockchain technology.
  2. A certain level of knowledge of the code.
  3. Knowledge of rudimentary software application.
  4. Experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Training will be on CISCO Webex Platform, it can be accessed via laptop, desktop or mobile. You will also have 90 days of access to live lessons and 180 days of access to self-learning. along with live lessons you will receive recordings for all classes and autonomous teaching materials.

The course costs $ 639-799 USD and is an excellent channel to improve your blockchain skills.

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2- Council Blockchain: Certified Blockchain Expert

  council blockchain [19659002] Simply put, a Blockchain Expert is an individual who is enthusiastic and understands what blockchain technology is. In addition to simple know-how, he / she must be able to build dApps for businesses. This exam-based course is specifically designed for individuals like investment bankers, professors, programmers and others who do not just want to explore blockchain but want to apply their knowledge while solving real-world problems. To begin, participants should have a basic knowledge of computer science, know what blockchain or Bitcoin and motivated to understand this technology at a deeper level. This $ 129 Blockchain course lasts six hours with an exam time and after completion students receive certificates valid for one year.

More information about this certification Here

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3- Udemy: Fundamentals Blockchain Course

  blockchain fundamentals

This is a successful video Obviously this comes with an excellent PDF glossary. This course is basically for anyone with an interest in how Blockchain and Bitcoin work. On the Udemy website, the course has over 4,500 reviews and a 4.7-star rating to simplify the blockchain introductory experience for over 36,000 registered students.

George Levy, the instructor of the course is a multi-award-winning instructor on Blockchain and Bitcoin. He is a self-styled Blockchain missionary and certainly seems to be doing a great job. The package is priced at $ 9.99, which is a momentary offer of around 89% off before August 30th.

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4- Udemy: Ethereum and Solidity Course

  ethereum and solidity

Udemy makes another entry into this catalog with another great Ethereum course theme. The requirements of the course are a fair knowledge of JavaScript and NPM. Stephen Grider, the instructor of the course, is an expert tutor and offers great direction.

Objectives and characteristics of the course:

  • Design, test and apply smart contracts.
  • An in-depth analysis of critical concepts of Ethereum
  • Discover the most recent development tools of Ethereum (Web3 v1.0).
  • Build feasible blockchain applications
  • Practical examples of blockchain functionality and Ethereum robustness.

This course has excellent ratings and this testifies to Udemy's commitment to quality and experience. The course is available at a discount of $ 9.99 but normally pegged at $ 94.99 but the offer ends on August 30th.

 buy now course [19659005] 5- Udemy: Build your blockchain – Blockchain AZ

  blockchain az

This is perhaps the easiest course as it only needs the mathematical knowledge of high school base. The course was created by Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko and the SuperDataScience Team, well-known experts in the blockchain world. What distinguishes this course is that the team offers ongoing support with real-world application projects.

Objectives of the course:

  • Learn the basics to create your first blockchain.
  • Basic understanding of smart contracts and how
  • Understand the basics of cryptocurrency transactions.

This course is divided into three modules. The first module deals with how to build a blockchain. Secondly, you will understand how to create a cryptocurrency. Finally, the third module concerns the creation of an intelligent contract.

This systematic accumulation is excellent for beginners. Furthermore, the course is based on simple explanations to keep those who sign up committed. The price is $ 9.99 and this discounted price of approximately 95% applies until August 30, 2018.

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6- Udemy: Basics of Blockchain

  the basics of the blockchain

This gradual approach is perfect for a healthy educational experience. These courses are developed by Tom Serres, Bettina Warburg, John Fitch and Dr Bill. All in all, it's a wonderful package for blockchain fans.

 buy now course [19659002] Conclusion

In conclusion, these courses listed offer great options for jumping on the blockchain wave. Anyone interested in the headaches of Blockchain technology has no excuse to remain uninformed. This innovation represents the future and it is useless to realize too late that the world has been moved underfoot.

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