55 Global Markets Announced Forex Trading Support – Press Release


55 Global Markets is the first asset trading platform in the world designed to enable a continuous and efficient flow of high quality assets worldwide. 55 Global Markets aims to build a global, continuous, transparent, low-friction and non-discriminatory network of asset and non-discriminatory assets using blockchain technology and tokens as transaction vehicles. 55 Global Markets is not limited to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The ultimate goal is to use tokenization to bridge the traditional liquidity markets to support the negotiation of a wider range of activities. Recently, 55 has announced that it has supported fiat tokenized trading (Forex Token) and its roadmap for the launch of the short forex derivative.

For Forex traders, high-lever trading is the norm and interest at night is often a heavy cost, especially when they are not able to trade after hours. At the same time, each country has tighter controls on foreign exchange. In collaboration with its partner Mercury, 55 Global Markets have tokenised the fiat currency for trading on 55.com or an efficient repayment to be chosen by investors. Efficient and free flow eliminates interest overnight and reaches global and 24/7 trading.

55 Global Markets, in collaboration with its partner Mercurity (the world's first Tokenization network for blockable blockable assets), presented a tokenisation gateway for traditional fiat currencies. Investors can convert traditional currencies (such as the US dollar, the Chinese yuan, the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Korean won or the Australian dollar) into corresponding fiat currency tokens, thus allowing for the purchase of various types of tokenized legal currencies provided by 55 Global Markets. Investors can also redeem the fiat currency token they hold against the corresponding fiat currency. The Mercurity global funds flow network supports efficient redemption.

The South Korean cryptocurrency market is relatively mature with experienced investors. 55 Global Markets has been well prepared, not only in terms of security and legislation, but has also released the first stable KRWD currency with KRW support in the world. According to official news, 55 Global Markets has already launched stable currencies based on the Euro (EURD) of the British Pound (GBPD) and the Japanese Yen (JPYD).

In addition, after 30 days of monitoring, research and analysis of data, the Wall Street elite team of 55 Global Markets opened trading pairs GUSD, TUSD, USDC, USDT to USDD, allowing holders of these stable currencies to quickly convert and conveniently your stable currency in USDD and obtain stable currency interests by holding them back. At the same time, USDD can also assist users in the foreign currency trading section of 55 global markets, replacing other currencies.

About USDD

The first currency in the world with stable currencies and with monetary interest, with interest payments every 24 hours, will be officially released on October 31st by 55 Global Markets. The value of the USD is 100% supported by a US dollar reserve, the funds are held in trust for the benefit of the tokenholder holders by PrimeTrust (www.primetrust.com) as a trustee, a third-party trust company that maintains relations with the main US banks. Cohen & Company (www.cohencpa.com), an independent third-party accounting company will conduct monthly examinations of the management fund management report in accordance with the standard declarations for claims assignments established by the American institute of certified public accountants. USDD supports highly efficient purchases and reimbursements based on the OTC 55 market and the Mercurity infrastructure.

Beginning in the third quarter of 2018, the cryptocurrency market size was $ 150 billion US dollars. At the same time, the foreign exchange market was about 96 trillion dollars. In collaboration with its partner Mercurity, 55 Global Markets forex trading includes not only the cryptocurrency / stabilized currencies market ($ 150 billion US dollars), but also the global forex market ($ 96 trillion US dollars). Therefore, according to 55 Global Markets, the 55 Forex market is a driving force for the circulation of assets on a global scale.


55 The Global Markets products and services described herein are not available in all jurisdictions and are subject to change from time to time. 55 Global Markets is committed to ensuring legal compliance and some 55 Global Markets products and services described in this document may not be available in your jurisdiction. 55 Global Markets reserves the right to modify and update its products and services from time to time in each jurisdiction to comply with applicable laws and regulations in its sole discretion.

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