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5 tips for beginners on how to start a YouTube channel

You're just starting on YouTube and you're wondering how to achieve the success of some of the people with a huge following?

There is nothing to worry about. We should start by reminding you that each of these success stories on YouTube started like you: no accounts, no videos. They all started from scratch before arriving where they are now. Unlike most of them who had to grope in the dark when they started, we will share with you 5 tips for beginners on starting a YouTube channel to give you an edge and save you the need to buy YouTube views.

Tips for beginners on starting a YouTube channel

  1. Publish video regularly and be consistent

YouTube's success requires you publishes videos regularly and you should be consistent with it. Do not post a video, then pause for weeks before posting another. Set goals and objectives to help you keep track and make targets achievable.

Only a constant stream of new content will attract viewers to your channel and make them go back, so you need to be active. The frequency of your videos is generally dictated by the type of channel you have – some will require you to post every day even if the general practice is a video every week. Make sure to always deliver according to your schedule.

  1. Be unique: do not do what others do

Viewers love nothing better than originality and uniqueness, even if you are doing something similar to what is already in place, you find ways to make your stand out. Do not do what others do, but use them for inspiration and ideas.

  1. Learn from the successful channels

As we have just said that you should be unique, we have also said that you can use others for inspiration. Always take the time to study your competition and identify what makes them fair. "Why did they do it that way?", "How did they do it?" Etc. They should be the questions you ask when you look at other videos.

Find out what they are doing well and incorporate great ideas into your videos by personalizing them to be unique. Learning from others is the best way to know what the public wants to see and how they want it.

  1. Optimize your video for success

Videos like any other online content with the goal of attracting an audience must be optimized for better ranking and visibility. In addition to good quality, be sure to adopt good SEO practices for your videos. Identify and use relevant keywords for:

  • Give your videos descriptive titles that must include keywords and clearly explain what the video is about.

  • Incorporate unique tags to make it easier to find your video.

  • The video must have a description that is optimized for searches – long-tail keywords are the best for video description.

  1. Take the reins of viewers' involvement

The involvement of viewers is very important for the video viewing time and success on YouTube, do it well and you will be able to beat the ones who do not want to dedicate themselves to hard work and prefer buy YouTube views. Effective engagement of viewers leads to more followers and subscribers and ultimately better rankings and more money.

Respond to comments, provide the information requested by viewers, and most importantly, always include a strong call to action in your videos. Ask them to subscribe, share, comment or like your video.


There are our 5 tips for beginners on the launch of a YouTube channel that we highly recommend to implement from the beginning. This is a race of perseverance that requires a lot of patience, time and work to make it.

You do not need to purchase views on YouTube, use these proven tips to grow your following organically and bring you to the top. Viewers will appreciate your videos, will follow you and subscribe to your channel because they sincerely appreciate your content and believe in your message. More importantly, keep learning and keep abreast of developments on YouTube.

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