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5 of the best podcasts to make you cryptocurrency and blockchain

Entering the blockchain and the cryptocurrency can be quite threatening for newbies, especially because the space is so full of words of order and fake luxury marketing.

Usually, we recommend going straight to the source and retrieving the original Bitcoin document, as established by its mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Or alternatively, reading the relevant literature (link to the piece of Matt's book to include). But if you happen to learn better by listening than reading, then you might consider trying some podcasts.

So, without further ado, here is the list of our favorite podcasts to start with cryptocurrency and blockchain:


Hosted by the former Forbes journalist Laura Shin, wild it is perhaps one of the most popular podcasts focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain – and for a reason.

wild offers in-depth conversations with various entrepreneurs and experts in the blockchain space. Past guests include the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao, Monero in the lead Riccardo Spagni, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song and many others.

While listening to it might seem a bit intimidating to block newcomers at the beginning, it is certainly one of the most useful resources to familiarize yourself with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and find out how industry insiders think of some of the most great challenges in this space.

To listen wild Here.


Rocking It is another podcast that offers a space to stop entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on the industry and its future. But really, my favorite part up Rocking he is listening to the entrepreneurs who exchange their minds and exchange each other's often shady tactics.

Since most of the guests are also actively involved in the cryptocurrency space, one can expect an occasional product pitch, but the guest Anthony Pompliano usually does a great job in driving the conversation in the right direction.

Past guests include the likes of Bill Barhydt, founder of Abra (the cryptocurrency exchange service Gwyneth Paltrow shamelessly fired), as well as analyst of Bitcoin's cryptocurrency and maximalist Murad Mahmudov.

To listen Rocking Here.

Not confirmed

This is technically another production of Laura Shin, but the Not confirmed the podcast is quickly turning into another reliable resource to learn about the latest blockchain developments.

Unlike Unchained which tends to be a bit more current, Not confirmed focuses on providing insights from some of the brightest minds in space, including Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer, journalist Aaron van Wirdum and Cornell University professor Emin Gun Sirer.

Tune in Not confirmed Here.

Steal this show

Although it is not strictly a blockchain-themed podcast, by TorrentFreak Steal this show he dived into the subject in more than one occasion.

Hosted by director and activist Jamie King, Steal this show he previously discussed topics such as the connection between the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol and cryptocurrencies, as well as the recent acquisition of BitTorrent by blocker startup TRON.

In the past, the podcast has also addressed common concerns about blockchain, including regulatory uncertainty and inherent risks associated with building a technology designed to withstand centralization.

To listen Steal this show Here.

Magical friends crypto

Magical friends crypto it is best described as a podcast for the Bitcoin maximalists, created by the Maximalists of Bitcoin.

Hosted by Monero with Riccardo Spagni, the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee, the CSO Samson Mow of Blockstream and the anonymous merchant WhalePanda, every month there is a new episode.

In the past, Magical friends crypto they looked at issues like regulation, decentralization and how Bitcoin has changed in the 10 years since it was first conceived.

To listen Magical friends crypto Here.

Honorary mentions

Although not strictly a podcast, venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz (also called a16z) has organized a series of discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrency on their YouTube channel. (Yes, they also have a real podcast, but I personally find its most compelling YouTube channel.)

In fact, a16z recently hosted the world-renowned economist and cryptocurrency critic, Paul Krugman, to share some of the concerns he has with cryptocurrencies.

You can grasp his words below:

Now, as a company with a particular interest in the industry, you should take everything you hear on their channel with a pinch of salt. But it's still a good resource to understand how companies and entrepreneurs see blockchain and cryptocurrency – or at least what they want you to believe.

Did we lose any podcasts? Hit them with your suggestions in the comments.

Published 29 December 2018 at 10:00 UTC

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