5 interesting Bitcoin stories from around the web


Bitcoin has been around for a long time now. However, compared to the long history of humanity with money, cryptocurrency is in its infancy. While many people are already very familiar with Bitcoin, more people still have something to learn. This has led to some rather interesting stories about people who interact with cryptocurrency. To feel better about your personal Bitcoin story, check out these stories from around the web.

Enter Bitcoin early

Three months ago, my mom published her story on Bitcoin on the Reddit discussion site. The tortuous post tells the story of a nineteen-year-old who discovered Bitcoin by chance in 2011, when most people had not yet heard of it.

The poster was so inspired by the technology that they saved $ 3,000 to invest in cryptocurrency when BTC was still worth around $ 13. Toward the end of the story a Bitcoin had risen to around $ 600 and the poster was able to use much of the their luck Bitcoin to pay for a friend's intervention.

The post was written mainly to inspire the community of r / Bitcoin Reddit. At a time when the volatility of cryptocurrencies is constantly in the news, the poster encourages readers to do so trust technology, trust maths, is give bitcoin time to prosper … believe me, it will.

This is not just a unique story of the Bitcoin journey of an initial investor. The title of the post, "My Bitcoin Story", inspired other users on the site to publish their stories.

Investing talents instead of money

U / nopara73 shared another Bitcoin story, inspired by u / thecommontheme. While the history of Bitcoin of u / thecommontheme has been a constant dedication to the new technology, the history of u / nopara73 is a little different.

This poster was purchased in Bitcoin when it cost $ 1000 per coin. After that, the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency had a long downtrend. Not wanting to ride the waves, the poster took out their money from Bitcoin and invested in various altcoins.

Fortunately for the readers dedicated to Bitcoin, the story does not end there. The poster is back in Bitcoin, not just as an investor but as a developer. The story ends with the poster that reminds readers that investing money in a new technology is important, but it is also important to invest their skills. In this way, according to this Redditor, If tomorrow the bitcoins will crash, if tomorrow I will have zero, I will still have the skills I learned.

How Bitcoin saved a traveler short of money

Our third choice is also a story of Redditor. The poster, u / btc32123, had some Bitcoins but traveled through South America with debit cards. Debit cards were not available in all of South America at the time, so the poster would use the ATMs available to withdraw small amounts of money. When an ATM machine "ate" the poster debit card, they had few options, but to pay a lot of money by transferring taxes from the banks.

While weighing the options, the poster found a coffee that accepted Bitcoin and stopped inside for some food. The shop owner offered to buy the poster Bitcoin. Naturally, the poster accepted, made a profit on their Bitcoin, and went off with cash shopping without having to pay high bank commissions.

This story may not have the moral of being patient with investments or having an open mind when it comes to investing, but it is an interesting story about cryptocurrencies beyond the borders.

Purchase of Bitcoin from a "Dealer" in 2013

Daniel Blank shared his interesting Bitcoin story on the Quora question and answer site. Blank's story takes place in 2013. Bitcoin was becoming more popular and more popular, but it was also harder to dig than it once was. It was also harder to buy than now. One of the easiest ways to get into Bitcoin was through "retailers" selling Bitcoins in exchange for cash. So that's exactly what Blank and his friend did.

Finding a Bitcoin reseller was easy, but meeting him was harder than expected. Blanks wondered what he had hunted when he and his friend went to the place where they would meet their drug dealer, cash in hand. What they found was not what they expected, however.

The big, bad "merchant" we were so nervous to meet was this 13-year-old boy sitting on a bitcoin escort he'd pulled out a couple of years ago when it was easy.

There might be a moral in there regarding keeping your Bitcoin up for sale when the time is right. Even if it's not there, it's a fun story that illustrates an interesting moment in the history of cryptocurrency.

Finding Bitcoin while debunking an Altcoin

Also the final version of Bitcoin comes from Quora. Sudhir Khatwani has published his story on Bitcoin about listening to a camp for an early-year altcoin called Swiscoin.

Khatwani decided to do his due diligence by doing research on Swiscoin, which he thought was a kind of ponzi scheme. While doing his research, he decided to also examine Bitcoin and learn more.

While Khawtwani still had his suspicions about Swiscoin, Bitcoin intrigued him. After further research, he was involved in Bitcoin, first as an investor and then as a writer.

If the name seems familiar to you, you may have met it in the past. Khatwani wrote the news site about the CoinSutra cryptocurrency for a while and until recently was their chief editor.

The moral of this Bitcoin story is clearly to do your research before starting to invest in cryptocurrency. However, it's also about not being afraid of cryptocurrency because you've found a dubious case.

We could understand cryptocurrencies a little better now than some of these posters. However, this does not mean that we have heard or said the last Bitcoin story.

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