$ 5 by 2019 if these 3 Adoptors perspire

  Why-Ripple-XRP-Is-Destined-To-Reach-5-in-2019 [19659002] Ripple is one of the top five coins based on market capitalization. Even with the current price drop, Ripple is still engaged in some areas. If I bought the idea that the cryptos will return to historic highs, Ripple would present a higher ROI than a currency like Bitcoin, because, at the current price of $ 0.34, a return to $ 3.30 represents an increase of almost 10 times compared to 1.5x Bitcoin.

For XRP holders who are interested in the future the unit value of money, the learning of its possibilities is beneficial. Rule is that Ripple can sell up to $ 5. Is that what will be possible? Below are some reasons why

Increase in adoption by banks

Ripple provides a blockchain solution that seeks to solve the problems that have hampered the financial sector over the decades: slow processing speed of transactions, high transaction costs and unreliability. Ripple also aims to make cross-border payments much more efficient for these large payment providers.

At present, over 100 financial institutions ranging from service providers to banks have collaborated with Ripple and are benefiting from the numerous blockchain solutions the platform offers. At the beginning of this year, Ripple collaborated with BankDhofar, the first bank in Oman to build such a partnership.

Dr. Tariq Taha, the bank's head of information in a press release, quickly pointed out why this move was so significant for the bank. "With this, we can provide immediate, frictionless and secure cross-border money transfers in seconds, with end-to-end visibility during the payment journey"

Chinese Market Push

In an effort to ensure that The platform enters the world's largest e-commerce market, RippleNet works with LianLian International – one of China's leading money services companies. LianLian has over 150 million registered users in China.

China has the largest e-commerce market in the world. Last year its e-commerce market contributed $ 672 billion to $ 4 trillion. In 2018, cross-border e-commerce transactions in the Asian country will exceed 1.32 trillion dollars. This explains why LianLian International saw Ripple as the perfect partner to support the huge number of global payments sent through the country's e-commerce market.

By joining RippleNet, the company is ready to receive real-time e-commerce payments, invoice payments and cross-border remittances. LianLian would use Ripple & # 39; s xCurrent, a settlement solution that offers end-to-end monitoring and enhances cross-border transactions between the US, Europe and China.

XRP, one of the fastest transaction processing platforms

Visa was the fastest company when it came to the speed of global financial transactions until recently. A number of system updates on the Ripple platform have seen the platform overcome the first position. Before the system was upgraded, Ripple could handle only 1,500 transactions, but now it can process up to 50,000 transactions per second. This is more than double the number of Visa can handle only with 24,000. This makes Ripple the fastest transaction processing platform in the world.

Companies can now subscribe to the xRapid package offered by Ripple and make transactions faster and safer. The package will also help reduce the cost of currency exchange and global liquidation as the XRP and the fiat currency fit like a glove and a hand.

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