400 BTC: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao denies exorbitant listing fees


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Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the popular Binance cryptocurrency exchange, has recently took Twitter to respond to claim that his company was charging 400 BTC ($ 2.5 million) as listing costs. The rumors emerged on the same social media platform a couple of days ago, when Christopher Franko, CEO of Expanse, tweeted having received the listing quote for the exchange.

Franko conducted a survey on Twitter to find out if other project teams would pay so much to list their projects on Binance, whose daily trading volume is around one billion dollars. According to the results, 49% of respondents believe the commission is outrageous.

Binance's CEO responds

In a discussion Changpeng Zhao stated that the quotation quotation quoted did not matter, but rather the quality of the project involved. He started his tweet storm with the following statement.

We do not list shitcoin even if they pay 400 or 4000 BTC. ETH / NEO / XRP / EOS / XMR / LTC / other at no additional cost. The question is not "how much does it cost to charge Binance?" But "is my coin good enough?" It's not the tax, it's your project! Focus on your project!

He added that complaints relating to the listing fees usually come from projects that are not listed on Binance and, as such, no listing costs are charged. The main deciding factor, according to the CEO, is how good a project is and not the quotation fees it pays.

In another tweet, Changpeng Zhao stated that the e-mail received from Franko was a fake e-mail. He added that Binance does not mention taxes in e-mails, nor does he mention them in BTC. In his opinion, the creators of projects that failed to identify false emails have no activities that create cryptocurrency projects.

Later, Changpeng Zhao blocked Twitter Christopher Franko. Presumably, the Binance debit projects that list the taxes quoted in the native BNB token, which as covered by CryptoGlobe countered the bearish trend.

Controversy subsists

In response, Christopher declared that Changpeng Zhao was lying, as the e-mail received from a G Suite account of Binance.com. According to him, the only other possibilities were that the email was sent by a rogue employee or someone who hacked Binance's servers. Franko shared the screenshot below as evidence.

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