4 Google Chrome extensions to integrate


WhatsApp, which offers various communication options and has stickers with audio, is one of the favorite applications of users all over the world because it includes various functions and is available for mobile phones and computers.

However, there are messaging platform features that are only included in the mobile version, but not the computer version. Therefore, it is useful to use Google Chrome extensions that allow you to get more from WhatsApp Web.

Google Chrome Extensions for WhatsApp Web

  • WhatsGreen Multi Messenger

According to Hipertextual, it is an extension focused on instant messaging, so it not only grants access to WhatsApp, but also to Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, Slack, Line, among others.

This platform makes it possible to centralize all chat and communication servicesinstead of having each application separately and taking up more space in the computer memory, since it has access to the web versions of all the “apps”, it added the aforementioned support.

Here, an image of WhatsGreen Multi Messenger, which notifies the user of new messages in each application.

  • Multi Messenger for WhatsApp Web

Like the previous extension, this service allows access to messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and Twitter. Further, Multiple accounts can be accessed simultaneously in each applicationexplained the portal named.

This extension ensures that the connection to WhatsApp Web is given securely and directly, only that it is necessary to do it through Google Chrome, the specified technological support.

Below is an image of Multi Messenger for WhatsApp Web

  • Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp

This Google Chrome extension works only for the web version of the WhatsApp messaging service, which is one of the applications with the most “phishing” attempts.

According to the aforementioned website, users who integrate this service can see their contacts, conversations, receive notifications and perform all actions available on WhatsApp Web. Yes, the unique features of the mobile “app” are not included.

The following screenshot is from Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp.


The advantage of this extension is that the web version of WhatsApp can be put into full screen mode, ideal for users who constantly use the service from their computers.

According to Hipertextual, the integration of this Google Chrome extension is even more beneficial for those who use two monitors in their work or daily activities, as they can assign one to have WhatsApp Web open from this platform.

The image below is from WhatsApp Web in full screen.


How to install extensions from Google Chrome?

To install the Google Chrome extensions, follow the steps indicated by the Chrome Web Store Help Center:

  1. Access the Chrome Web Store, available by clicking here.
  2. Find the extension you want to download and select it.
  3. Give the necessary permissions; this only applies to some extensions.
  4. Click the icon to the right of the address bar to use the extension after the download is complete.


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