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4 Chat Chat based on Blockchain to try

Blockchain was the word of 2018. For those who do not know, let me break it down in simpler terms. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions recorded using cryptography. The entries or blocks are then distributed to many computers running on nodes in a P2P environment making it impossible to change the information later.

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Blockchain is designed to be used primarily in the financial sector of digital cryptocurrency. Since then it has evolved to record anything of value, create self-running smart contracts and create decentralized apps (DApps) as a chat messenger.

Why not use Discord or Telegram? Because, although they are secure and encrypted (Telegram only), these apps are still centralized and owned by a single entity that can choose to do what they deem appropriate. This creates problems of trust. Decentralization is the way to go.

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain offers many advantages over traditional systems. The first is immutability. Once something is recorded, it is almost impossible to change it because a decentralized computer and block database is involved.

Because information blocks are shared and stored on a network of people-managed nodes, no single person or entity has complete control over it. This reduces the risk of a person or an entity manipulating records without anyone else being aware of them.

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It also eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. If all your data is stored in one system and the system does not work, you lose everything. The distributed register eliminates this risk. Each encrypted voice is visible to everyone to be evaluated, bringing transparency and responsibility to the system.

Finally, the new generation chat apps also integrate cryptocurrency portfolios into their offer. This allows users to send and receive money, just like messages, only freely or with minimal transaction and processing costs.

A run is ongoing with a series of Blockchain-based messenger chat apps that offer features like security, privacy, and P2P currency. Here are four apps of this type that you should check.

1. Powder

Dust is a blockchain-based messaging app created by Radical App, a company advised by the billionaire investor Mark Cuban. The idea is to create a platform that rewards good behavior and punish bullies. Such as? Dust will issue tokens (GMT – Global Messaging Tokens) that will cost more for users who abuse the system. Users can reward one another to create value by sharing useful things. I saw Mashable publishing news about Dust! Can Dust be used as a chat messenger and a news center?

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Another store is a function similar to Snapchat in which every message sent will be deleted after being read or within 24 hours. You can change it in the settings. The protocol is agnostic for apps, which means it will allow users with different apps to connect and share without having to be on the same platform. Imagine being able to send a message via WhatsApp to WeChat! The development team has recently released the Mercury protocol which makes this possible.

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Other features include the ability to delete messages from the recipient's phone, notification of screenshots and an unnamed policy in which the user's name does not appear in group chats. Dust is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. State

Similar to Dust, Status is also a privacy-focused, blockchain-based chat messenger that uses the Ethereum platform. In-app messages are encrypted end-to-end (Whisper protocol). To ensure that no traces of bread remain, Status will open all links within its built-in browser in privacy mode. This means that nobody knows which site you just visited.

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Being an Ethereum project with an ERC-20 token, Status comes with an Ethereum portfolio that can be used to send and receive ERC-20 tokens and track transactions on the blockchain. To make things more transparent, Status has made its open-source code.

The state, still in beta, wants to be an all-in-one solution to chat, surf and make transactions with people in real time. They are trying to create an ecosystem. You can download the app and test it.

3. e-Chat

e-Chat is a messaging app with a view similar to the state in which you can send and receive not only messages, but also payments using a P2P environment. e-Chat has a multi-currency portfolio. ECHT is their native token and is based on Ethereum.

Other features include the ability to make voice calls up to 10 people, HD video calls and text messages. The ability to publish and monetize content is where e-Chat wants to differentiate itself. e-Chat says bloggers will be able to publish content in different formats to create an additional revenue stream for themselves.

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Finally, there is a card similar to Instagram where you can upload media (e-Chat calls them Moments) and users can show their appreciation by giving you ECHT tokens. Perhaps users of Instagram will like it.

Note that unlike Dust, e-Chat allows you to easily capture screenshots. It's more focused on creating a community than on privacy and security in my personal opinion; however, these are still his first days.

4. BeeChat

BeeChat based on South Korea wants to build a blockchain-based app ecosystem. BeeChat has attracted millions of users in a relatively short period. BeeChat is a chat messaging app that lets you send text, audio and video messages. Like many blockchain-based messenger apps, BeeChat also has a cryptocurrency portfolio that supports 12 different currencies at the moment.

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Taking things to the next level, BeeChat is cross-chain compatible, which means you're free to use other major networks like EOS and Ethereum to store your encrypted data. Telegram fans will be happy to know that BeeChat supports the previous protocol, allowing users to cross-match contacts. Telegram sent me a verification code as soon as I logged in to BeeChat.

Following in the footsteps of Telegram, BeeChat has attracted many blockchain companies to create their own channels on the app where they share news and updates about their projects and ICOs.

In Code We Trust

We talk about several other projects in the pipeline that are working on creating secure messaging apps that focus on privacy within their small ecosystems. Perhaps the age of social media is moving to the next level? Naturally, more secure and privacy-based messaging apps are welcome. But how many? Only time will tell.

Next step: you're not sure if you should follow WhatsApp or switch to Telegram? Click on the link below to find out.

Last updated: 26 December 2018

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