& # 39; Cryptocurrency still misunderstood & # 39 ;, interview Mistertango


Despite a cryptocurrency necessity of the sector and the desire for a consensus on regulation, we will not see it yet. This is the vision of Gabrielius Bilkštys, Chief Business Development Officer, Mistertango.

In an interview with Coin Rivet, he notes that although it is growing at an incredible rate, cryptocurrency is still misunderstood and each country has a different approach to governance. For example, in Estonia, cryptographic exchanges require licenses while, in Lithuania, the central bank requires the segregation of financial services and cryptographic services.

"As central banks around the world are increasingly concerned with cryptographic activities, it is likely that they will also see further changes and a number of new models that develop over time as the industry's understanding continues to grow and develop. ", he claims.

"In the coming years there is likely to be many water tests, as regulatory bodies experience what may or may not prove to be successful." Let us take South Korea, for example, where the National Assembly Korean has issued a proposal to lift the ban on ICO that introduced only in September of last year. "

Great problems

Elsewhere, Bilkštystalks on how he has been interested in cryptocurrency since its inception, monitoring its ascension from a nascent industry, now that which approaches maturity. But, he adds, some of the biggest problems still need to be overcome.

"While the market has grown exponentially, the main scandals have questioned the credibility of the sector, seen by many – unjustly – as the only reserve of criminals, with legitimate businesses that rely on crypto they struggle to make their voices heard.This fear and uncertainty have led to the introduction of legislation aimed at eliminating crime, even if it has the cost of strangling the market, "he says.

"Banks around the world refuse to handle cryptocurrency transactions, which leaves legitimate encryption – ICO exchanges and businesses – unable to function, allowing other less legitimate players to fill the void. distinguished for me as the only company that is really making progress in solving the biggest obstacle facing the cryptography industry right now. "

It is the first activity that allows individuals and companies to simplify, finance and finance cryptocurrency activities using the fiat coin. There is no other company that offers encrypted businesses a bridge between the cryptic and the traditional world. For many crypto-traders and encrypted companies, such as stock exchanges and ICO companies, a regulated current account has so far been out of reach.

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