3 TRON TRC-20 tokens are worth a visit



Many believe that the launch of MainNet by TRON meant the beginning of the end for Ethereum, since TRON has now offered virtually everything ETH has ever done, but only better. Although TRON has never aimed to directly overthrow Ethereum, it is possible that this happens at some point along the way.

While TRX itself started out as a token built on ETH blockchain, it managed to leave this ecosystem and create its own blockchain. Now, TRON offers others to create their own tokens within the TRON ecosystem, and there are already many TRC-20 tokens worth examining.

The issuance of a TRC-20 token is very simple and there are multiple guides that can guide you through the process, one step at a time. However, at the moment, we will look at three of the coins that had already been launched in the TRON network. These are the coins that already show great promises and most of the TRON community will definitely keep you eye on.

First 3 coins TRC-20

1) TronWallet (TWX)

TronWallet is a Canadian project that started its ICO in June 2018. At the time the value of the coin was $ 0.1 per coin. It is part of TRONWALLET, which is a secure and open source P2P cryptocurrency portfolio dedicated to TRON tokens. It is available for iOS and Android in the same way,

The TWX price fell due to the 2018 fall and currently the currency is worth only a fraction of its old price, being valued at $ 0.0042. It has a total supply of 30 billion TWX, with about half of that number currently in circulation.

2) Intergalactic gold (IGG)

IGG is a currency issued by an organization called Intergalactic Gaming. This organization showed great dedication to TRON and its ecosystem, and even managed to become one of the Super Representatives of the currency, chosen by the TRON community. It represents a step forward towards the goal of TRON to decentralize the web and revolutionize the entertainment industry.

The organization has chosen to launch its own IGG currency on TRON to help this goal. Thanks to this project and the new currency, players can interact with each other, buy or sell various items and communicate on a whole new level.

While micro-transactions like this have been expected in the gaming world for a long time, this part of the gaming industry is still in its infancy and IGG is among the most important currencies in this regard. The coin itself has a very low capitalization right now, just a little over $ 120,000. In addition, it has a low price of $ 0.0088. Even so, many expect that the currency will become big at some point after getting more attention, so it is advisable that those interested in helping the TRON ecosystem grow up, keep an eye on this digital currency.

3) TronWeeklyJournal (TRWJ)

Finally, there is TRWJ, a coin launched by the outlet that shares its name: Tron Weekly Journal. This is an outlet that aims to be the number one source of information on everything related to TRON, including new events, ICOs, flights and any other type of activity.

The currency can already be found on TRON DEX (together with IGG and TWX), which is the decentralized cryptographic exchange of TRON. The coin is designed to serve as a reward to the creators of content contributing to the Tron Weekly Journal and the TRON ecosystem itself, as well as making various promotions, announcements and the like.

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