3 new cryptocurrency investors errors and how to avoid them


There are common mistakes in cryptocurrency trading that will save you – and your money – if you can avoid them. In this, we will try to help you.

Do not exchange without a plan

It is essential to have a plan for how to invest in a cryptocurrency. The market is notoriously volatile, with high risks that correspond to its high compensation. A trading plan is a great way to mitigate these risks.

A trading plan involves setting a high and low limit for when you withdraw your investment. A high limit is the set point in which to withdraw your investment, which has a value higher than your initial placement. For example, if a trader invests $ 500 USD in Dogecoin (DOGE). Decides to withdraw this investment if its value reaches $ 750 U.S.D. A low limit is the opposite of this; the set point lower than the initial investment, at which point he withdrew. Thus, if the value of your investment falls from $ 500 to $ 400 USD, it would then withdraw, as this is its minimum limit.

A trading plan mitigates the risks of cryptocurrency trading. Suppose the trader has not set up a trading plan. If the value of your investment began to rise, when would you withdraw? Very often, investors who are experiencing an upswing do not withdraw and instead expect investment to expect them to reach an even higher level. This does not pay most of the time. Instead, the value goes down considerably, as it tends to make cryptocurrency. Yet, in doing so, new investors tend to keep their investment hoping they will rebound. In the end, they end up retreating to historic lows. This often happens. High and low limits ensure you do not incur a huge loss.

Reduce the risk of volatility

Knowing how much to invest at a time is an important part of risk mitigation. The new daring investors often make the mistake of going "all in" on a certain cryptocurrency in which they feel good. This emotional exchange leads to great risks of loss.

Investing large sums in a cryptocurrency will give you an extremely high level of market sensitivity. While you have the potential for huge gains, you also have the potential for huge losses. Professional traders, who are used to the field, can do it while mitigating their risks, but it is a different story for newcomers.

New traders with large sums invested risk having a strong emotional attachment to their investment. This means that they are inclined to withdraw too early or resist too long. For example, if a trader decides to join the "Bitcoin mania" and invests $ 1 million in Bitcoin (BTC). He will probably feel a strong sense of attachment to that investment that will influence the decisions he will make. He can ignore his trading plan, hoping to get more profit or return from a growing loss. As discussed above, this type of negotiation will almost always lead to a disastrous loss.


Keep your trading simple and focused. Investors often fall into the trap of trading too many currencies at the same time. Several hours pass to determine the entry points in all the currencies that seem profitable and decide to invest in all currencies. This method tends to lead to emotional exchanges which in turn lead to loss.

For example, if a trader decides to invest in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum (ETH). You put $ 200 USD into each transaction. He sees that Dogecoin and Ethereum are on the rise, so he decides to keep his investment, even if Bitcoin is starting to lose ground. When it draws its investments, Bitcoin has dropped to the point where it was denied the profit obtained by Ethereum and Dogecoin.

The best way to manage operations is to focus only on one or two. This relieves you from the daunting task of managing all those investments and makes you less inclined to emotional investments.

These three suggestions are essential to successfully mitigate the risks of investments in cryptocurrency. Although it is not always possible to guarantee a profit, a small loss can always be guaranteed.

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