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3 coins that could explode during the next bull run


Despite the fact that at the moment the cryptography market does not seem too encouraging, those who are familiar with cryptographic trends know that the situation can quickly change at any time and get an upward trend. While it now seems impossible, a new bull run will eventually come. For this reason, investors need to know what their best choices are, as opportunities like those do not come as often as we want.

An important question is whether to invest in coins with low prices or in coins with low market capitalization. A lot of people would agree that the cheap coins are better, since you can buy more for the same amount of money. However, this hypothesis is wrong.

The reason for this is simple. Let's say there are two coins, one with a price of $ 0.50 and a market capitalization of $ 100 million, while the other is priced at $ 2 and a market capitalization of $ 5 million. If there is a $ 1 request, the currency with a market capitalization of $ 100 million will now have $ 101 million. On the other hand, the currency with a market capitalization of $ 5 million will see an increase of $ 6 million.

The small capitalization currency has just had a 20% market growth, and the same should happen at its price. The other currency will grow by only 2%, which is almost nothing compared to the smaller one.

Of course, it's not that simple, and betting on the smallest capitalization will probably not get you anywhere unless the currency gets adequate attention. For this reason, we will now examine our first three choices for investment-worthy coins that have a significantly smaller market than the more well-known cryptos.

1. Mithril (MITH)

Mithril is a decentralized project closely connected to social media. It was developed on the Ethereum network, with the goal of revolutionizing the way we use social media and how it affects our lives. Considering how much time people spend on social media, this coin is a project that will probably do once people begin to accept cryptos.

The point is simple: the more someone contributes to a specific social media in terms of content, the more MITHs get as a reward. This is social mining, which is a fun way to make money. Since most people would publish that content anyway, earning MITH will not require much effort, just time and dedication.

The performance of the currency in the 2018 market seems quite promising, all things considered, and its current price is $ 0.133692, while its market capitalization is $ 51.9 million.

Social media has changed our behavior and the vision of the world forever. Young investors have grown by relying on them, and they are the ones who will benefit most from this currency.

2. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is another coin that will undoubtedly go great over time simply because of what it offers. This is a currency with strong ties to the gaming industry, which focuses on creating a virtual world based on the blockchain of Ethereum. However, the potential uses of this virtual world far outweigh the game, since Decentraland will literally be a place where virtual land can be purchased and used for various purposes.

This can include the creation of completely new projects and games, the purchase and sale of digital land and the creation of entire virtual cities where developers can base their activities. The project encourages diversity and all ideas are welcome, which is why it is expected to become extremely large over time.

Decentraland also has a low market capitalization of only $ 61.6 million and a price of $ 0.058691 per currency. However, this is a currency that will surely grow in the long run, as it will be the main currency of the entire project.

3. Wanchain (WAN)

Finally, our third choice is Wanchain. This is a currency that aims to create an interoperable blockchain banking system that can be used for cryptocurrencies but will offer all the same features that can be found in regular banks. Wanchain is a young project that still has a lot of work to do, however, it has already proved capable of interoperability, and is a project that can connect numerous blockchains into one big network.

While each blockchain is a marvel by nature, connecting them in a new network is the next big step in their evolution. Each blockchain is making progress on its own, even if they often take different paths. By linking them to a single network, all possibilities become immediately available to everyone, which is why this project is so popular.

However, as mentioned, the WAN is still a young currency, and at the time of writing has a market capitalization of $ 47.7 million. Also its price is very low, with only $ 0.450206 per coin. For many investors, this is the right time to buy this coin, since a bull run can easily help it to reach completely new levels, and make it difficult to get a large amount of something that is probably one of the best coins of the future.

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Disclaimer: this article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and its affiliated companies, employees, writers and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and may from time to time have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own in-depth research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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