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3 Blockchain Conferences you do not want to miss

A number of key events in Blockchain alignment to introduce participants in the ecosystem in the next phase of new technology development.

The ICO of 2017 marked a significant panorama in the life of blockchain technology and the concept of tokenization. The effect of this era reverberated through various aspects of the industry. At the same time, it has attracted many new players both from a technical and an investment point of view.

As the ICO stage declines, project teams and industry leaders are starting to focus on the fundamentals of the underlying technology.

The incidental crash of encrypted prices, driven by Bitcoin, is not exempt from the fact that development teams of various products are selling off the encrypted accumulated for product development purposes. This key factor symbolizes the advent of a new phase in the life of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain industry as an entity has been a product of continuing education, growing awareness and solid network. Meetups and conferences have established themselves as the cradle of trends and the direction of industry.

The blockchain industry is currently confronted with a critical transition phase. Therefore, key events are organized in which high-level blockchain experts and other related industries can share their opinions as they analyze the future of the industry.

Next Block Conference, Tel Aviv

The NextBlock conference is scheduled for December 12, 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is an event that aims to involve, educate and involve participants. According to the organizers of the event, the conference is designed for blockchain professionals, companies, funds and start-ups.

It is a program that promises to offer participants the opportunity to create high-end networks with the best leaders within and across all sectors.

David Weild IV, Vice President of NASDAQ, President and CEO of Weild and Co. Inc, will deliver the main address to NextBlock 2018.

Beyond Blocks Summit, Bangkok

With Bangkok distinguishing itself as one of the blockchain friendly cities in the Asian region, industry participants are taking advantage of the opportunity to express themselves in that region. The Beyond Blocks summit, which runs from 26 to 27 November 2018, sets the stage for industry leaders to present their views on industry trends and the way forward.

Charles Hoskinson, founder and CEO of IOHK (Cardano) and Wei Zhou, Chief Financial Officer of Binance, are two of the many experts who will present at the high-end event.

The event is an opportunity for participants to interact with the fastest growing blockchain platform, while maximizing opportunities to interact and connect with key industry players.

The 2019 year promises to give life to numerous expressions of blockchain products that are fermenting underground. Blockchain enthusiasts and operators in the sector are strategically positioning themselves in others so as not to lose the imminent trend of upcoming events.

Nitron Summit 2019, San Francisco

The 2018 Nitron Summit is positioned to announce the industry in this new trend. The event will be held in San Francisco on 17-18 January 2019.

According to the organizers, the event is aimed at breaking industrial barriers and promoting innovation within the blockchain industry. This is the first international summit to be hosted by TRON.

Blockchain is evolving and new trends continue to emerge. Being a community-based technology, conferences and educational programs remain a vital tool for the development and dissemination of technology.

With the imminent era of mainstream introduction in the vicinity, events like the ones above elaborated can not be underestimated as the products and connections with which they are undoubtedly new locations to life. Overall, the next phase of blockchain development will develop as the industry continues to expand.




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