26% Dash Pumped on Krypto Mobile Partnership Announcement


An important partnership is always good news for any altcoin, but they did not have the same impact in the big bear market of 2018. Today, the privacy-focused currency Dash countered this trend by pumping 26% on a new announcement of partnership

At a recent conference in Venezuela, Kripto Mobile Corporation (KRIP) announced an exclusive agreement with Dash that would lead to a new line of cryptocurrency-enabled mobile phones, intended for Latin American consumers. The agreement would open a huge market with a new and convenient method of acquiring and using cryptocurrencies for daily transactions.

The new devices will be pre-loaded with a complete Dash ecosystem. This would include the Dash portfolio and the ability to receive and spend Dash through app partners such as Bitrefill, the world's largest prepaid cryptocurrency phone company.

Bradley Zastrow, Head of Global Business Development at Dash Core Group, elaborated the partnership by stating;

"We all know that bank transfers take too long and cost too much and that cryptocurrencies have the potential to influence real changes, especially for people suffering from hyperinflation where cryptocurrency is less volatile. of Dash, particularly here in Caracas, which has worked tirelessly to grow the Dash ecosystem to over 800 merchants who have accepted Dash including locations managed locally by mainstream brands such as Calvin Klein and Subway. Now with our partnership with KRIP, we will help accelerate this growth by giving all the elements to acquire, store and use Dash immediately, including the ability to access the Internet, a crucial first step before the adoption of cryptocurrency. "

Additional Services For users of KRIP phones they will include a dedicated support line of support supported by Dash He customer service lp Me of Caracas, an organization created by the Dash community. The use of Dash InstantSend technology will provide users with the same speed needed to perform a credit or debit card transaction, but at a fraction of the cost. The purchase of digital goods such as telephone top-ups, payment of invoices and gift cards for e-commerce, travel and online games will be made quick and easy using the Bitrefill service.

On the topic of adoption, Zastrow added;

"The road to mainstream adoption will require more than just sporadic air throws or similar gifts.That makes the KRIP phone so unique, besides being a great smartphone at a good price, is that it makes so that this user has a central role in the use of a mobile phone, and immediately users who have never interacted with cryptocurrencies have everything they need "

KRIP mobile phones are available throughout 39; Latin America at a fraction of the price of major brands such as Samsung and Apple. The co-founder of the company, Luis Sosa, added:

"We are witnessing an incredible period of transition in Latin America with those who have not been accepted, have not been able to meet or simply do not want to use the system Traditional banking: Combining our affordable and affordable phones with Dash's InstashSend transaction capabilities and low rates will provide myriad benefits to these communities, and with the addition of Bitrefill and other Dash apps, such as Dash wallet, to our phones just out of the box, simply there is no easier way to start using cryptocurrencies like Dash in everyday life. "

$ 184, an increase of 26.4% the day according to coinmarketcap.com.

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