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26 billionaires are concentrated more than half of humanity | ELESPECTADOR.COM

The concentration of wealth was so accentuated in 2018 in the world, that 26 billionaires have more money than the 3.8 billion poorest people on the planet, according to a report by the NGO Oxfam International, published Monday.

"The growing gap between rich and poor penalizes the fight against poverty, damages the economy and fuels rage in the world," said Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, mentioned in a statement.

According to NGOin 2017 the proportion was 43 billionaires who possessed more wealth than the poorest half of humanity.

Governments "must ensure that businesses and the wealthiest pay their share of taxes," he added.

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Byanina spoke on the occasion of the publication of the traditional Oxfam annual report on global inequalities, before the beginning of the Economic forum of Davos (WEF), held in Davos until Friday.

The figures of the NGOs are based on data published by the journal Forbes and the bank Credit Suisse, a methodology questioned by some economists.

According to the NGO, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, last year reached 112,000 million dollars. "Ethiopia's health budget equals 1% of his fortune," he emphasizes.

In general, the wealth of the world's billionaires has increased by 900,000 million dollars last year, at a rate of 2,500 million dollars a day, while the income of the poorest half of the world population has fallen by a million dollars. 11%, he said.

The number of billionaires has doubled since the 2008 financial crisis, adds Oxfam.

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The NGO notes that "the rich are benefiting not only from a booming fortune, but also from the lowest levels of taxation for decades".

"If the trend were against, most governments would have sufficient resources to finance public services," said Oxfam, who estimates that "wealth is particularly undervalued".

Oxfam points out that from a dollar of income taxes, only four cents come from the wealth tax.

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According to Oxfam, who estimates that the richest ones hide $ 7.6 trillion dollars in treasure, in some countries like Brazil or the United Kingdom, "the poorest 10% pay higher taxes in proportion to their income than the richest ".

This report is published when the fiscal pressure of large fortunes is the subject of debate in several countries.

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