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In the context of the 2020 US presidential election, there have been several actions of Donald Trump, the current president seeking re-election, which have gone viral on social networks.

One of these “scenes” featured Paula White-Cain, the president’s spiritual advisor, who fervently prayed for her re-election.

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The prayer was said Wednesday in Florida. You, in addition to asking for another four years of Trump in the White House, attributed Joe Biden’s advance in the polls to “a demonic plot” against the current president.

Paula White-Cain during the speech

Paula White-Cain, in the middle of the speech that made her go viral.


Youtube: lonegroover

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White-Cain assured that God has already made the decision for the president to continue in office:

“I hear a sound of victory (…) The Lord says it’s done. The Lord says it’s done. Because I feel the victory, the victory, the victory in the corridors of heaven, in the corridors of heaven: victory “, cried the preacher particularly excited.

The word victory was one of the bases of the speech in which he also pronounced some words in “another language” and stated that the angels were released and sent to North America from Africa and South America.

They arrive! In the name of Jesus, from South America. Here they come, here they come, here they come, here they come, here they come!The woman screamed.

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Presidential Spiritual Advisor Paula White.Presidential Spiritual Advisor Paula White.

Paula White-Cain: Trump's spiritual adviser prayed for his presidential re-election

The video was widely shared on social networks, especially on Twitter.

Additionally, White-Cain expressed concern on his Twitter account that “some are trying to steal this election“. That’s why he asked followers to Donald Trump to pray fervently and relentlessly for the nation and the election results.

“We pray that the enemies of God will calm down and that their plans will be undone.”

The video of the speech captured the attention of Internet users because the nun felt quite upset while pronouncing it, and according to several users, she used a particular tone to speak.

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Even in social networks it was pointed out that it looked like he was rapping.

This was said, by the way, by Twitter user @Soapmoine: “I’m sorry about that, Eminem, but it’s the first instrumental track I’ve thought of.”

And ‘gave his touch’ to the pastor’s speech by playing ‘Without me’, a song by the American rapper.

(If you visit us from the app you can see the video Here).

(If you visit us from the app you can see the trill Here).

(If you visit us from the app you can see the trill Here).

On her official page, Paula White-Cain assures that she served on Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board during the 2016 campaign and is a preacher at the City of Destiny church in Apopka, a city located in Florida.

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