2020 US election: Biden wants to make a speech – it will be difficult for Trump


US President Donald Trump’s campaign team continued to be optimistic on Friday. After challenger Joe Biden took the lead in four still-open states, Trump team legal director Matt Morgan said, “This election isn’t over.” Biden’s predictions of election victories in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona are based on results that are far from complete. “As soon as the elections are over, President Trump will be re-elected,” Morgan said.

In Pennsylvania there were “many irregularities”, a written statement read. The Trump team volunteers were prevented from accessing the vote count. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said Thursday that representatives from both candidates and parties had been registered for the vote count and were in attendance. So far, Trump’s team has not yet provided any concrete evidence of the alleged “irregularities”.

In Georgia Morgan announced there would be a vote count. “We are confident that we will find ballot papers that have been improperly collected.”

In Nevada Thousands of postal votes were cast illegally. And in Arizona Trump will reach the majority – “despite the irresponsible and erroneous” reports from the AP news agency and Fox broadcaster about the majority for Biden in this state. Both media outlets had already come to a close on election night based on their own calculations of early results and analysis of further data that Biden has a majority in Arizona. Other media are still cautious. Initially, Watson also reported Biden’s victory in Arizona, but withdrew this report. (sda / dpa)

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