[2019 Cryptocurrency Rankings List] The top 10 coins that try to impact and improve the value next year

[2019 Cryptocurrency Rankings List]    The top 10 coins that try to impact and improve the value next year

While trading well-known and consolidated cryptocurrencies in the top 10 by market capitalization is certainly a safer option, those looking to make a profit often try to bet on the loser. In the encrypted world, there are many losers and any of over 2000 altcoins could be the next big thing. This is what makes hunting scrambled underestimates that actually contain a lot of potential so interesting and exciting.

With the development of cryptography, it's only a matter of time before projects with real value will skyrocket. This is why it is important to invest in undervalued cryptos before this happens. At the moment, many of them have a value that is only a fraction of a dollar. However, after a while it could be worth tens or hundreds of dollars per currency. For this reason, we have created a list of 10 coins that are currently extremely undervalued and that have a great explosion potential in 2019.

1. Power Ledger (POWR)

Power Ledger is a crypt with a strong focus on energy trading. It offers consumers solar panels to sell extra energy to others. The systems currently used are quite old, which is why POWR is absolutely necessary. It does not use power plants to push energy to consumers. Instead, it aims to create a sense of community where neighbors sell energy from one another.

It has real potential to break the market for energy exchanges, introduce simpler exchanges, lower prices and increase the sense of community. It also pushes the world towards green energy, which also makes it environmentally friendly.

2. Nucleus Vision Coin (NCASH)

This is a unique cryptography, due to the fact that it spreads in different markets. He is particularly interested in technology that uses an IoT sensor, which allows retailers to identify users via their smartphone data. In other words, the platform will work if a mobile signal is recognized. In this way, stores can contact specific customers with specific promotions.

In addition, the currency aims to improve security by using sensors. In this way, it can determine if a specific object has been obtained legally or has been stolen. All these data would be recorded on the blockchain. Clearly, these security improvements would be very useful in stores, as well as in the workplace, which is why a project has a great future ahead of it.

3. Substrate (SUB)

The substrate is the project that aims to use its currency, SUB, to create a decentralized Internet. This is the same goal that TRON (TRX) has, with both projects aiming to provide users with unlimited access to online content.

This idea is gaining more and more support as it spreads, and the same can be said for this project. For Substratum, decentralization means freedom, and considering the amount of censorship, blockages and the like that users have to deal with on the modern internet, projects like this are more than necessary.

Substratum will give anyone a place in his network, and those who decide to share their computing power will be rewarded with SUB coins. The process is simple and earning coins is quick and easy. The project has a lot of potential, since people want the Internet to lose all the unnecessary restrictions of today, which is why you should absolutely keep an eye on this project in 2019.

4. Moneta Nano (NANO)

Nano is a currency that aims to be used as a form of payment, similar to Bitcoin. The goal of the project is to allow users to perform transactions on a secure and decentralized network. However, it differs from BTC due to the fact that it does not need to be extracted. Instead, the project uses a different type of technology known as a block lattice.

Using this process, nano can make transactions completely free and immediate. Moreover, it has no limits on the number of transactions that can be executed at the same time, making it the best currency in terms of scalability. Considering how the scalability has been one of the major problems with which the cryptic world has struggled for the last decade, it is easy to understand why this currency is a big problem and why it can grow very soon.

5. Wanchain Coin (WAN)

Wanchain is a project that aims to create a new platform for the distribution of digital resources in the financial sector. At present, most digital resources resign in one place and transferring them to other companies is quite difficult if a particular blockchain platform is used by that company. Enter Wanchain, which will act as a bridge between them and allows business transactions to go much more smoothly.

In addition, the project offers special features such as a new feature that can increase privacy and hide the amounts that are being moved. This will be especially important for companies that aim to keep their business transactions away from the public eye. Another feature includes the ability of the platform to manage new cryptographic projects and even host their ICOs. Finally, there is its ability to manage smart contracts, which will make it even more attractive. Obviously, the project has potential, as do many very important use cases, which is why its currency will probably be a big deal once it becomes known.


ICON is a project that wants to improve the connectivity between different blockchains, platforms and systems, in general. By doing so, it will allow blockchain technology to increase its use and development. In the end, the project is expected to create different networks for each sector and sector, all of which are linked to a deeper level.

ICX would be able to store and transmit all the data through different blockchains whenever there is a need, and blockchain communication would be greatly improved. At the same time, the obstacles with which we must fight now would be overthrown, which makes ICON a very ambitious and forward-looking project that will definitely take off.

7. NEO

NEO is already a well-known currency that is often considered as "Ethereum Killer", as well as "Chinese Ethereum". Because of these names, many people believe that the NEO is quite similar to Ethereum, with the ability to do things better and faster, which is fundamentally true.

It focuses on smart contracts and the creation of dApp and allows users to obtain numbers of various activities. Basically, this means that the real world resources can get their digital version, which can then be shared between different owners. This could include anything from food to cars or even real estate. This is part of the NEO's goal of achieving the Smart Economy and impacting the world economy.

The project continues to grow even now and is constantly ensuring that all of its digital asset certificates comply with regulations. Finally, the advantages of the system include an easy way to share and exchange resources, buy anything without the need for an intermediary and therefore avoid high commissions. The project has great potential, which is what the community recognized long ago, and continues to do so.

8. Cera

Wax or Worldwide Asset Exchange is a market for digital resources. It is particularly popular among players, mainly for the purchase and sale of various game items. By selling these items, players can earn WAX coins and then use them to buy other items or exchange them for fiat money or another cryptocurrency.

The gaming industry is huge and WAX offers an ecosystem that can solve some of the biggest problems in this industry. This is one of the most successful projects for players, which is why it is definitely worth investing in WAX. It's creative, it solves gaming problems and already sees large amounts of money due to the popularity of the games.

9. Po.et (POE)

Po.et coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to protect online content, as well as its creators, using blockchain technology, this project aims to help creators with a time stamp, which can be used to demonstrate paternity and property. This is deemed necessary by the fact that it is easy to steal the contents of other people online simply by copying it and claiming it is yours.

With blockchain, developers can create a much better licensing system than current copyright options. Authors and publishers would be able to record their work easily and without problems regarding the ownership of content. The platform would work with all types of media, not just the written word. Furthermore, the value of POE would increase with the number of participants, which would increase the quality of the content.

Basically, a completely new market will appear for the creators. If their content becomes popular enough, they would be able to generate revenue through requests to access content. Since nothing can be hidden if it is recorded on the blockchain, no one will be able to secretly copy the content or claim it on their own without being captured.

10. Coin WaBi (WABI)

Finally, the last of this list is WaBi, the currency that focuses on supply chains and tracking of shipments. This has become a very popular use of blockchain technology, as users can track products from factories to the shelf itself. WaBi will record and track items in real time in a very efficient and convenient way.

As a result, counterfeiting and smuggling would be eliminated, while the disease and potential death of harmful products would be reduced, if not eliminated. The products will be tracked using RFID tags, which are basically tags that will stop if someone tries to tamper with them. This makes WaBi a great underestimated cryptography, since it solves a very important problem that can have significant consequences. This is yet another example of how cryptos and blockchain can solve huge problems in the real world, which is why investors should definitely consider the idea of ​​supporting this currency before it becomes big.

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