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20 minutes – the lonely woman in the bar is considered a prostitute

When Clementine Crawford is in New York, she always goes to the same restaurant. There he can switch off, eat something in silence at the bar and the service is always the same.


Are you going to eat alone?

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All the more surprising was the surprise when it was suddenly said that the management had set a new directive: in the future, it would no longer be allowed to sit alone at the bar. Apparently this rule concerned only women. Because after Crawford had been ordered to a table, he watched a man sit alone in the bar and get served food.

Puzzled, Crawford ripped: why was the new rule limited to women? The answer: the restaurant owner wants to break harder against prostitution. Crawford wondered if all the women sitting alone in a bar would be considered prostitutes?

«Having a similar experience»

Crawford confronts the restaurant owner and reminds him that she has been a normal person for years and that it is not easy for women to eat or drink in a restaurant alone. But the owner remained hard. He could manage his restaurant as he wanted.

Crawford wrote an in-depth article on his blog about his experience tonight. Shortly thereafter, the story became viral. "Since the publication, a large number of women have reported similar experiences," Crawford tells the BBC. "The anecdote is the symbol of what women still have to experience today in the # MeeToo era."

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