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20 minutes – The Italian city sells houses for 1 euro

Are you too cold and too dark in Switzerland? Then an Italian community in Sicily has just the thing for you: in Sambuca di Sicilia you can buy a house for the price of an espresso.


Would you buy one of the 1 euro houses?

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Reanimate the village

Sambuca is not the first city to sell their homes at a price of opportunity. But the reasons are the same: the village is gradually disappearing, because the inhabitants want to move to bigger cities and ruined houses.

With the offer of 1 euro buyers are attracted. Unlike other Italian cities, which have already made such offers, all the 1 euro houses in the municipality belong to Sambuca. Giuseppe Cacioppo, deputy mayor, told CNN: "We want to give you the opportunity to make spontaneous purchases: with us, there is no mediation between old and new owners: all the houses belong to the community, if You want to buy them, then you can have them right away. "

strings attached

Homes for one euro? Of course, this is subject to conditions: if you buy a house in Sambuca, you commit to renew it completely within three years. The average cost should be around 15,000 euros (17,000 francs). The buildings for sale have sizes between 40 and 150 square meters, so there are big differences in restructuring costs.

In addition, you commit to deposit a deposit of € 5,000 (CHF 5666): they will take you back when the renovation is completed. "You will not be disappointed!", Promette Cacioppo: "Sambuca is known as the" city of splendor. "We are in a nature reserve, Sambuca has a long and interesting history.The place is surrounded by beaches, forests and mountains – it is quiet and idyllic. "

Founded by the Arabs

Sambuca was originally founded by the Arab invaders in 830, a few years after their arrival in Sicily. They called the place Zabuth, in honor of the emir Zabuth Al-Arab. Until the 13th century Zabuth was inhabited by Muslims, then it was conquered by Frederick II (the future king of Sicily).

Even today, there are Islamic and Arabic influences in the city, mixed with new buildings and Western churches. Most of the houses for sale are located in the district of Sarazen, a maze of narrow streets. On clear days you can see Etna in the distance.

The PR action already shows success

"We have more visitors in the last days. In addition, we are contacted by many people from Switzerland, France and Spain, who are interested in homes, "says Cacioppo. A buyer is Susanna Heinson from Germany: "I started the renovation now and I hope I can live here next summer," says the German in front of CNN. "It's a beautiful place and people are very open and friendly, and the food and wine are just great, I feel like I'm at home here."

Interested parties will find here information and a selection of houses available in Sambuca.

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