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20 minutes – snipers on the roofs protect Davos

Snow, congestion and masses of businessmen: Tuesday the World Economic Forum (WEF) starts in Davos. 20 minutes on site and delivers the report on the management of the city of Graubünden:


What do you think of the WEF?

Although the next snowfall in Davos is not planned until the end of the week, there are still the snowy mountains of the metro last week. Also on the roofs it has partly about half a meter. However, this does not seem to impress many of the WEF visitors: many businessmen fight through the slippery streets of Davos wearing a suit and leather shoes.

In Davos is expected this week with a lot of traffic. In particular, the streets in the immediate vicinity of the convention center have been blocked since Monday. At regular intervals the shuttles travel between the convention center, railway stations, hotels and other important places. Anyone with a different destination can exceptionally run in Davos this week in Davos with Uber (see box). And those who want to avoid traffic jams fly by helicopter – you can hear and see the small aircraft in the sky on Davos on a regular basis.

On the roof of the convention center there are soldiers with guns. Even on the ground you can perceive the greatest security measures: every few meters is checked, if you have the necessary access authorization. If an important head of state is about to burst, it can happen that a police officer with a machine gun pulled you off the road. And the military transport vehicles regularly travel the streets.

There is also traffic jam in the convention center: as early as Monday, the first lines are forming in the entrance area, mainly because there is a security check at each entrance, as at all times. ;airport. Each visitor must take off his coat, take the laptop out of his pocket and even empty the bottle of coca cola before entering.

The few visitors to Davos should think about skiing this week. However, the slopes are not completely empty. For example, on Monday morning a school class was coming to Jakobshorn. But also in the immediate vicinity of the valley station of the Jakobshornbahn, here and there, people in overalls instead of skiing equipment on the road.

Davos hotel lobbies are filled with chat managers from all over the world. If you still want to reserve a room for the WEF, you should probably check out Davos: the offer is extremely short and extremely expensive. On Monday there were only two offers on Booking.com in Davos, both at the Hotel Derby: a double room for 10,000 francs and a run 10 for 32,000 francs.

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