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20 minutes – Here you can see the lunar eclipse despite the clouds

At 4.34 am on Monday morning it really starts. The moon enters the central shadow of the Earth, begins the partial lunar eclipse. An hour later, at 5:41 am, the moon is completely in the shadow of the earth. Wherever there is a clear vision, the moon can now be seen as a reddish disk in the sky. The total lunar eclipse lasts until 6:44 am. Because the moon turns red during the dark, you can read it here.


Are you going to look at the 2019 lunar eclipse?

The lunar eclipse of Monday morning is the last visible for more than three years. Only on May 16, 2022, we can observe a lunar eclipse again. However, only part of the total phase will be visible. The next lunar eclipse, which can be observed favorably by us, must wait a long time. The new year 2028 will take place. But then there will be the next one in the night from 21st to 22nd December 2029, as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) writes.

No luck of the time

Unfortunately, Monday morning you will not see much of the lunar eclipse on the north side of the Alps. "The second half of the night will be cloudy," says Meteonews's Roger Perret. The odds are better in Ticino, Upper Engadine and Valais. There it is partially clear, so Perret.

If you still want to see the lunar eclipse, you can do it in one of the following live streams.

Liveplayer from Timeanddate.com. (Video: Youtube / timeanddate)

Livestream from the Amateur Amateur Amateur Association of the Saarland. (Youtube / Peterberg Observatory)

Lively flow from Denver, Colorado. (Youtube / Astronomy Livestream)

Streaming live from Space & Universe. (Video: Youtube / Space & Universe (Official))

Live streaming of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. (Video: Youtube / Griffith Observatory)


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