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20 minutes – Guardian sat in the snow for two weeks

At 1796 meters above sea level and less degrees, the guest Ludwig Peskoller remained stuck for almost two weeks in the tapestry over the Präbichl in Styria, Austria, due to the severe snowstorms.

On Facebook, he regularly published photos of himself in the cold and wrote ironically: "Why should not I be okay?"

Icy beard, cold eyebrows

Above all a selfie, on which the beard, eyebrows and hair of Peskoller were completely frozen, he did to users. Also with videos of the current weather situation on the lining of the innkeeper provided his fans.

The Stiriano takes the situation seriously, has known the difficult weather conditions for years and knows when he can not leave his hut.

Meanwhile, the refuge keeper can even receive visitors again. This offers a breathtaking view on the opposite Erzberg.

The army blew up an avalanche on Präbichl. The blockade of the B115 could be lifted again.


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