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2 sisters, men dressed as 4-year-old barbers

When the fathers of Jyoti Kumari and his younger brother Neha fell ill in 2014, the barbers shops closed.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, Neha and Jyoti, after a while to open the store, he started shaving his customers.

Jyoti said that the villagers decided to disguise themselves because it was normal for a hairless beard to touch their hair and beard.

Change their hair, change their names

The sisters changed their names to Deepak and Raju, cut their hair, removed their worn bracelets and steel bracelets that were common among the men of the country.

Jyoti says that some people in the village of 100 characters know their identity, but the customers of the surrounding villages do not suspect anything "You can not even recognize me today" He says.

The brothers, who opened the shop after lunch at school, earn around 400 rupees (about $ 6) a day. But they say that the money for the treatment of his father and the house is sufficient to support.

2 sisters, men dressed as 4-year-old barbers


In 4 years Jyoti graduated and Neha continues reading.

Neha said that as time went on they increased their confidence and gradually began to explain that they are girls: "We are not afraid of anyone," he says. Jyoti began to stretch her hair again.

After a journalist from Gorakhpur reported the story of Jyoti and Neha, local officials visited the barbers and gave the girls a check.


Abişkek Pandey, an official, "An extraordinary story that shows how people can fight and survive despite everything. Younger sisters are a source of inspiration for society, everyone should listen to their stories." he said.

2 sisters, men dressed as 4-year-old barbers


The father of the girls is Dhruv Narayan "It hurts me that my children have to do this, but I'm proud of my daughters, they saved our family from the crisis" he said.

Jyoti and Neha say they will continue to run stores in the village of Banwari Tola, which became famous after the story was heard, and that customers are no longer bothered by them.

"Us audible SOMETHING"

Many women in rural areas of India work in the fields or in their homes.

Guardian newspaper in rural areas of India, especially in the conservative north and east of women working in places separate from men, "Something that is unheard of for women to run a men's store" He says.

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