1xBit adds Ripple (XRP) to its gaming platform


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1xBit adds Ripple (XRP) to its gaming platform


Ripple (XRP) became the twentieth digital asset supported by the well known cryptocurrency betting site – 1xBit.com. The third most dominant cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP gained popularity among the cryptocurrency community due to low transaction fees and high transaction speeds, making it a perfect payment solution for cryptopters. At the beginning of the year, 1xBit has already added Verge, Qtum and Stratis.

Why use Ripple (XRP) for gambling?

Ripple is a famous cryptocurrency platform designed primarily for payment systems. By using Ripple to make payments between countries, companies avoid unnecessary financial costs, time and labor. All payments are sent according to strict rules with a specific cost per transaction. But not only large companies can benefit from the use of XRP.

Here are some advantages of using Ripple for gambling:

  • Full anonymity. Unlike fiat payments, it is not necessary to provide personal data to top up your wallet. At 1xBit, players can register without having to provide any personal information and all payments are made in cryptocurrency, which guarantees anonymity.
  • High transaction execution speed (faster than SWIFT) and high scalability. The transaction confirmation time for XRP is about 4 seconds, while for Ethereum this figure exceeds 2 minutes, and for Bitcoin, it is much more. The system handles about 1,500 transactions per second and claims to manage up to 50,000 transactions. As far as gambling is concerned, speed is particularly important for live betting, where almost every second is important.
  • Minimum platform fee. The current minimum transaction cost required by the network for a standard transaction is around 0.00001 XRP. At 1xBit, players can always withdraw their winnings without any commission. You only pay the transaction fee during the deposit.
  • A good investment. The value of Ripple grows steadily from year to year as the platform has assured more and more partners. Many people say that investing in cryptocurrencies is like gambling. So why not try to double your investments by placing a bet on your favorite team?
  • Easily accessible. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, XRP can not be extracted, but the currency can be bought on any popular cryptocurrency.

The prospects of Ripple

Ripple is destined to become a global payment system for the future in the long term, as it is still used today in major banks such as UniCredit, Western Union, Santander and UBS. Ripple Company has partners and investors, including large companies such as Microsoft and Google.

At the beginning of December, 1xBit added another cryptographic TRON (Crypto Asset) to the list of supported currencies, which is the 10th cryptocurrency of market capitalization. 1xBit plans to add Tether (USDT) soon.

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