13 symptoms of Covid-19 revealed by recovered patients


COVID-19 is a new disease. Scientists continue to find out what the symptoms are, how they spread and how severe the consequences are. In the context of the pandemic, specialists discovered 13 symptoms of the coronavirus, as described by the recovered patients.

Here is a list of the 13 symptoms found in recovered patients:

1 painful breasts

Connor Reed, 25, an Englishman living in Wuhan, said her breasts were “pure agony”.

2 Ear pressure

Connor also said the pressure he felt in his ears made him feel ready to “explode”.

3 severe headaches

4 tingling in the eye area

5 Feeling of suffocation

6 Pain in the whole body

7. Lungs that look like “a crumpled paper bag”

On the 11th, Connor Reed thought the flu was subsiding, but suddenly it was back “worse than ever”.

“I sweat, I burn everything, I get dizzy and I shiver. The TV is on, but I don’t understand what I see there. It’s a nightmare. I can barely breathe and when I breathe my lungs look like a crumpled paper bag. It’s not good “.

8. Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom of colds, flu and viruses in general.

Jaimuay Sae-ung, 73, was the first person in Thailand to contract Covid-19: “I found out I had the coronavirus after arriving at the hospital. I was shocked, sad, very tired and could no longer eat.”

9. Lack of appetite

A study of 138 coronavirus patients showed that 39% of them had lost their appetite.

10. Fever

It is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus infection.

11. tingling in the chest and dry cough

Carl Goldman (60), passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship: “I had bronchitis a few years ago, and now it was easier: no chills, no pain. I breathe well, I don’t have a stuffy nose. My chest tightens and I cough. “

12. Feeling of throwing the foot

You are affected by the time zone change. It’s like fatigue, and what’s more, you feel a little overwhelmed.

“There is a whole hysteria in the world about coronavirus. And it has to be. It’s a serious disease, especially for the elderly. But for many people, like me, it’s just a very long cold that you can get rid of,” Bridget said. Wilkins, who lives in London.

13. Fainting

“In front of the hospital, I felt weird and almost passed out. I was taken to the salon in a wheelchair,” said David and Sally, who were infected with the coronavirus while on Diamond Princess.

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