10 must-see EA Play games for Xbox Series X | S.


Xbox Game Pass subscribers already have a bonus that adds even more value to theirs games catalog. EA Play’s arrival at the service allows you to enjoy a wide variety of titles under the Electronic Arts seal throughout the three generations of Xbox. Whether it’s the original batch or the latest batch of Xbox One, you have the opportunity to meet (or rediscover) different top brands.

Therefore, in this article we will look at the file 10 must-play games from EA Play that you need to download today, especially for the mass of users who have made the leap to the new generation. Xbox Series X | S are already with us.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The newest addition to EA Play isn’t just anyone. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the latest work from Respawn Entertainment, creators of brands such as Titanfall or the recent Apex Legends. Americans put their own stamp on a title that offers a flavor of intergalactic adventure. In this house he got a grade of 9 out of 10, a note demonstrating the relevance of play in the trajectory of the studio. Whether you are a brand lover or 3D metroidvania, Fallen Order is a must.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Years do not pass for the Criterion Games classic. Burnout Paradise Remastered is the update to the latest installment of the saga, which includes all additional content and full multiplayer features. The genre doesn’t have as many arcade alternatives as it has, making it a great alternative among those who have a thirst for rubber and destruction. Sweep the streets of Paradise City and complete all the cards.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x


Unveil It is part of the batch of independent titles under the auspices of Electronic Arts. He is a distinctive cloth character who has shown us a different perspective of what surrounds us. Coldwood Interactive’s platform adventure was aimed at your heart, and the truth is, it worked well. “It’s captivating and captivating from the first moment,” we said in our analysis. If you want a calm and palatable game, both the original and its sequel are good candidates.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Star Wars: Battlefront II

DICE didn’t have an easy path during the post-launch period of Star Wars: Battlefront II. Getting to the point where they reached the end of their cycle was a difficult process, but highly rewarded by their players. You currently have the ability to review much of the saga context in a single game. It’s fast, agile, and touches every aspect of the license. Do you want space battles? You have it. Do you want to fight among the troops? Mashed potato. You choose how to enjoy Star Wars.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Mirror edge

Let’s continue with the Swedes. Mirror edge built a community of fans on Xbox 360 over time. Faith’s adventures on the brink of skyscrapers offered a different adventure on all levels. At the height of first person shooter, DICE offered a formula based solely on parkour, the art of jumping over obstacles. 8 hours of adventure worth your time.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Fight Night Champion

We’re not exactly at a time when we have alternatives in the boxing video game. Fight Night Champion It was the editor’s latest effort into a genre that has always had the community on its side. Whether you’re following your own path or reliving classic battles, the title is a good way to enjoy sports at the controls of your Xbox. There is life beyond the UFC, even with a title from two generations ago.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Dead space

Visceral Games’ trajectory has been marked by an emblematic brand of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. Dead space it was a tough survival horror to watch in those days. Their claustrophobic environments confront us with a previously unknown threat. It didn’t have a visual cue interface built into Isaac’s suit. Health sparkled on his spine, while the map was a projection of his bracelet. If you want to be afraid, you can’t miss Dead Space.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Origins of Dragon Age

Electronic Arts saw the origin of two of the sagas that would quickly become its mainstays. While Mass Effect will receive its remastered trilogy next year, the Dragon Age franchise is fully in service. Let’s highlight the game that started the legacy: Origins of Dragon Age, a western role-playing game with a vintage flavor. Even today it looks like a current game in what is playable. You can not miss it.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x


There was a time when Criterion Games made other driving games. Black It was a rebellious first-person shooter, offering fast-paced and unbridled gameplay in the days of PS2 and Xbox. Thanks to the backward compatibility of Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, we can access with graphic improvements to a title that went unnoticed in its time, but which left its mark among those who played it.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

Shoe 3

If EA Play stands out for anything, it is by adding some deliveries to the catalog that today are difficult to see. We’ve already talked about boxing Fight Night Champion, or Mirror’s Edge, and using parkour as a playable axis. Shoe 3 does the same with the skateboard. Even though we know a new installment is coming, it never hurts to come back as an icon of the genre.

EA Play Xbox Game Pass catalog essential xbox series x

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