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# 10 current current warning that terrifies the experts

Experts, "Selfie", "Ice Bucket Challenge", "Kiki Dance" and "Falling Stars" are preferred by millions of users all over the world. data can be used for advertising, facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

Communication Faculty of the University of Marmara, Assoc. Dr. Ali Murat Kirik, AA correspondent, said that the development of social media has started to occur several currents in the virtual environment.

These streams are particularly noticeable that spread rapidly among the broken youngsters, "selfie, Ice Port Challenge, Kiki Dance and have been preferred by millions of Falling Stars users both in Turkey, as well as across the world." But 10 years challenge in all Water courses, including innocent way to see does not fit much in today's world, "he said.

Broken, the "10 Years Challenge" trend has become fashionable on social media, "# 10yearchallenge" with the label of millions of photos taken.

"Over 20 million contents have been launched"

Starting with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is the essence of the current stream of users 10 years ago, sharing the current state of the Kirik fracture reminder, said:

"The share of millions of followers on social media, such as celebrities, artists, athletes and players, has increased to over 20 million: the reason for the emergence of many currents is that there are several reasons behind the other. The "Kiki" dance that is offered for the acceleration of car sales is just a few examples, but the narcissistic and hedonistic structure of social media raises the threat of data theft with information theft, which allows users to sharing the last years through a specific label, making it easier to classify and contribute directly to the facial recognition system.It is also known that this trend, which is emerging on Facebook, is linked to artificial intelligence: it is already known that Facebook collects indirect data through advertising and similar reasons ".

Kırık recalled that some statements were raised in the world regarding the purpose of this movement.

Noting that the popularity of trends can be easily used, Kırık found:

"With the # 10yearchallenge, Facebook's artificial intelligence process will evolve, so that user profiles will be analyzed quickly, so insurance and health companies will probably send out individual advertisements, which is quite evident from the point of view of targeted advertising. Considering the existence of the increase in virtual sales, this trend is an advantage for social networks, however, there are assumptions that the subject can be a perception and social engineering beyond entertainment, especially how many people participate in such trends, what kind of content are shared and the popularity of a trend that can be created in the future.It is possible to state that these types of content are disseminated by creating viral effects on social networks.

Kırık, Facebook officials said that this flow "spontaneously spreads the movement initiated by users and the company does not benefit from it," he said some time ago.

Kirik said that the disagreement with this statement, "the US President Trump's election campaign used in the field of data analytics in the field of analytical applications of Cambridge Analytica can be said to threaten the privacy and security of users." in the form of.

"Outdated privacy limits"

The forensic information specialist İsa Altun said that data is called today's oil and has become very important in the world.

Altun said that you can find this data everywhere, "Some social media companies have already become aware of the divorce of individuals now. Privacy limits have been exceeded. The use of applications like WhatsApp is also free because our mobile phone, e-mail address, first and last name Most people do not question it, "he said.

Altun, the artificial faces and the human face of development is not difficult to identify in the recording: "Ten years ago, the facial features of the current day with the adaptation of other data are also very well processed to be processed. which has become fashionable in recent days and has shown comparatively 10 years before and after photos of individuals on social media, is intended to develop facial recognition algorithms ". expressions used.

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