0x Project introduces the 0x Market Maker Program, an Ethereum-based tool for market liquidity



The Ox The Market Maker program has been officially launched. Market makers play an important role in the Ox network and in the DeFi stack. This is because they offer the liquidity necessary for an efficient market. This program aims to bring liquidity to Ox by offering tutorials, dedicated support and monetary incentives.

Because you have to market Make On Ox

There are various advantages for market making on the market Ox relayers. One of these is the advantage of the first move. This simply means that market makers are able to connect to the booklet acquisition and acquisition spreader of open orders. They are also able to identify arbitrage opportunities, which do not exist in other centralized exchanges.

Another advantage is that users have access to new markets. Via Ox, MMs are able to exchange new types of assets on platforms such as NFT markets and forecasts markets.

There is also the fact that it is a non-custodial exchange. Central exchanges require users to create an account, transfer their funds and trust owners to control their deposits securely. On Ox, it's the opposite; traders have full control of digital assets, which ensures that there is no counterparty risk.

There is also the problem of the liquidity of the network. MMs are able to use a pool of capital on various relays to trade against huge groups of buyers. When orders are placed on a relayer, they can be replicated on others globally. Ox users immediately fill or are used in other DeFi apps such as dY / DX & # 39; s Expo or Dharma.

Finally, users benefit from low costs during trading. Unlike other trade protocols, market makers do not pay gas commissions for Ox orders. Therefore, merchants will incur a charge for mass cancellations.

Understanding the Ox Market Maker program

Since the Ethereum network feeds Ox, the main challenge for MMs to trade is that they have to understand how the blockchain works. Traders must be trained on how they can handle nodes, monitor a mempool, retrieve relayer orders, and much more.

The program presents several important tutorials that show market makers how Ox and Ethereum work. The exercises largely cover the differences between the negotiations on a plant and the negotiations on a decentralized exchange. In addition, they explain risk management and how to use development tools for the implementation of bots designed for DEX.

The Ox core team will offer 1: 1 support to help market makers understand the tutorials. In this way, they can reach as fast as possible. The engineering team can be found in the Discord chat where they answer various questions.

In addition to ongoing support and education, Ox compensates market makers through the Program. The candidates who are approved will receive $ 15,000 for the creation and management of a bot-making market on relays. They have developed a well-structured incentive structure. The Market Maker Program is one of the first steps to provide resources to get more market makers on the Ox system.

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